No doubt about it, some older kids in families get jealous when a new baby arrives on the scene.

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AITA for saying that if my parents have another baby, I will have nothing to do with it?

“I know the title sounds bad, but hear me out.

I 17 F have had a rocky relationship with my parents since my siblings (10M, 7M, 3F, 9monthsM) were born. I was an accident baby when my parents were teenagers and they have told me in arguments that I ruined their lives. However, this is not what this post is about.

My parents are notorious workaholics and constantly accuse one another of cheating. It’s stressful for everyone in the house, young ones included. All or my siblings have had paternity tests.

Because they work so often, though, it means I am often left (for sometimes 48hours) to care for my siblings alone. This has gotten so bad that the 9month old and 3 year old sometimes cries for me instead of our actual mother. I cook for them, make sure they get to school on time and do their homework, I clean and play with them. The 10yr old invites me to his football games. I don’t get time to do anything for myself.

Well, last week, me and my parents were arguing again. They want another baby to ‘bring them closer together.’ I was furious and straight up told them that they didn’t look after the kids they already had and I’d just end up having to look after another one.

I told them that if they have another baby, I want nothing to do with it and they will be all on their own. They called me an AH and said I was trying to ruin their marriage and their careers.

I spoke to my grandma about it and, while she sympathises with my situation, she says I should be supportive of my parents trying to fix their marriage. She told me it was my duty as the oldest sibling to care for my younger ones and I was being kind of an AH and should apologize to my parents but I still don’t think I am.

So here I ask– reddit, AITA?”

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