For the life of me, I can’t understand why folks talk to other people about their money issues.

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AITA for thinking my daughter shouldn’t pay rent?

“I have been a stay-at-home mom my whole marriage. My husband pays the bills. I keep house and raise my little ones. I also do things like money management and our taxes because I have an accounting degree.

My oldest daughter calls me because she just recently moved in with her fiancé and he told her she has to pay half of rent and utilities. He makes a lot more than her because she’s working part time so she has time to plan her dream wedding.

Both his parents work and I know his mom makes more than his dad. My daughter (Sarah 24) and I were thrown back when she realized she had to split all of the bills in the marriage and pay for things like her wedding dress. It’s put a damper on our wedding planning.

I tried talking to her fiancé (Luke 32) saying his family situation was unique since his mom was making more. He rebuffed me saying it’s unrealistic to think he would work and Sarah could just spend all of her free time wedding planning. He said she has a degree and she should get a full time job.

Sarah and him both went to school for accounting and that’s how he met her was at her internship. He works about 60 hours a week and I explained that with wedding planning asking her to work that much way too much on a girl her age.

His mother is feeding him the new wave feminism and I don’t think it’s a good life balance for this young couple. His mom is feeding my daughter that in this world you have to work hard and have tough love for your kids.

Sarah called crying because her mother-in-law yelled at her for being a gold digger and Sarah has moved back in with her best friend. My daughter is saying I gave her bad advice and now Luke wants to call off the wedding and wants his ring back.

She’s blaming it on me but I think Luke shouldn’t have asked my daughter to pay half of his bills on top of wedding planning.”

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