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When it comes to relatives that have passed on, it’s best to just keep your mouth shut.

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AITA for telling my brother’s girlfriend that it was weird for her to keep an urn of her late husband’s ashes in the house?

“Okay, So this happened last night while me (M23) and my family were visiting my brother’s (M30) girlfriend’s (F30) house for the first time.

We were all sitting at dinner table and I remembered when my brother’s girlfriend, who’s a widow, saying that she keeps an urn of her late husband’s ashes in the house.

Conversation let from one thing to another then, I looked at my brother and asked him quietly if he was comfortable with having his girlfriend’s late husband’s urn in the house. he gave me a long stare so I figured the answer was yes but maybe, he couldn’t tell his girlfriend about it fearing she’d misunderstand maybe?

So I brought it up with her and told her it was quite weird to have her late husband’s urn in the house. She looked at me and was apparently caught off guard by what I said. she said that she didn’t think so and that it wasn’t like the urn was on display, also said this is her late husband’s house and where the urn should be.

I told her it felt weird especially, since she just had my brother move in with her and he must be feeling uncomfortable with the idea, his girlfriend looked upset and got quiet. my brother shouted “none of your godd**ned business, shut your mouth Elijah, jeezus!” I responded with “I mean..personally I wouldn’t be cool with my girl keeping an urn of her ex within close approximate, at best best it’d make me feel uncomfortable, at worst it’d make me feel creeped out.” his girlfriend then replyed by saying that I have no business dating a widow then and I shrugged.

She excused herself to the kitchen and stayed there, my brother went off on me calling me an obnoxios a**hole for making dinner awkward and upsetting his girlfriend. I told him I was just giving my opinion but he lashed out more.

My parents and I left and they told me my brother’s girlfriend was being hypersensitive, but I too went too far and upset my brother and probably sparked an argument between them and I should reach to apologize but I’m not sure.”

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