Do babysitters get the shaft, or what?

Some of them are too meek to stand up for what they want and you know that there are adults out there that try to rip them off and not pay them what they’re worth…

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AITA for “letting” my daughter “price gouge” my sister for babysitting?

“My sister Jane has two kids 10 and 8. The 8 year old is autistic and not always the easiest.

He tends to only speak and cooperate with people he knows well. My daughter Kate (17) is one of those people that he cooperates very well with. My sister is a nurse and due to the pandemic she’s been getting huge shift bonuses to pick up shifts.

Her hospital is so short staffed they are offering $700 per extra shift to pick up. This weekend she was offered up an even higher $1000 bonus to work. My BIL is working out of town currently so he couldn’t watch their kids.

My sister asked my daughter if she could watch her kids today and after hearing about the bonuses Kate said only if she’ll pay her $500/ so half the shift bonus for her to give up her Saturday. Jane freaked out and told her that’s ridiculous and then called me to tell her what Kate demanded to babysit.

I agreed its a lot but also feel like its not my call. I can’t force her to babysit nor would I. I did remind Kate that she pays taxes on that bonus so $500 is more than half effectively. She then said she’d go down to $400 but that’s her bare minimum. Jane was offended still and ended up not taking the shift as she didn’t find it worth it at that point.

Now she’s going off on me saying that as her dad I could either Make her do it or “raise her better” so she’d volunteer to. I feel like Im just letting her do her own thing but Jane sees it otherwise.”

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