Hey, not everyone likes kids…

And even if they do, that doesn’t mean they always want to spend time around other peoples’ kids…don’t even get me started about kids at breweries…

Anyway, a woman got into a sticky situation when she decided to didn’t want to hang out with a friend’s kid. Let’s take a look at what happened.

AITA for not wanting to hang out with my friend’s kid?

“I have no interest in kids, I’m that “aunt” who shows up at their birthday parties, Christmas, and other big events. Other than that when I hang out with my friends I prefer it be a child free event.

I have recently got into painting and was telling my friend “Kayla” about doing it. Told her this place that I go with my other friend “Annie” who is also child free.

Kayla wanted to go with me which I agreed to, but then she switched days with her son’s father so her son “Ryan” could go with us. I didn’t want to make it a big deal so I just said okay and went with it.

Then the next time Kayla wanted to join in on my plans it was on a hike. This time she didn’t ask, but just brought Ryan along and was talking about how she wished she invited our other friends and their kids.

I told her this was not going to become a mommy and me thing and they can keep that on their “Friday night dinners”, where each week they all meet up and cook and hang out with the kids.

The next time was a wine tasting. She noticed that it said family friendly and you could bring kids along. I put my foot down and said I wouldn’t want to spend my day around a child.

We got into a big thing about it, her telling me I just have to get use to kids(we’re almost in our 30’s think I’ve made up my mind about them). She ended up not going and we didn’t speak for a little bit.

So that brings us to the Zoo. I went with my friend Annie and Kayla got so offended that I didn’t invite her and Ryan, because Ryan has been wanting to go to the zoo. We got into it again. Kayla is free to go to the zoo anytime she doesn’t need me to go with her.

She says the mom’s of the group never want to do anything citing money issues, but that is not my fault. Annie agrees with Kayla that I should just suck it up and let kids come if they want. Only one friend agrees with me that I shouldn’t have to deal with kids if I don’t want to.

So now I’ve been uninvited to Ryan’s 6th birthday and to be fair I’m kind of happy about that.”

Here’s how people on Reddit responded to her story.

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This person pointed out something that I’m sure a lot of us were thinking…why would you bring a kid to a wine tasting?

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