The master bedroom is mine!

Hey, once you got that thing, you gotta hang on tight, baby!

And this is the subject of a story that someone shared on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page…read on to see what happened…

AITA for not giving up my master bedroom?

“So a couple (F18 and M18) moved into the shared house I’m living in.

Not too long ago, everything was fine until another roommate moved in so all together there’s 4 of us. Mind you before moving in the couple came to inspect the house and the room they’d be accommodated and agreed they’d have the room.

Nothing was mentioned about the room being too small for them, everything was until yesterday when they mentioned to me that they wanted the master bedroom because they apparently have to much stuff and need more storage space, the house is huge and had lots of storage cupboards around.

I said no because I’m already comfortable with my space and I had been living here first long before them. They even got offered both of the rooms before the other roommate moved in but they said it was fine they didn’t need the room.

They’re being petty about it and giving me the silent treatment and not helping out with basic house work.

So here I am wondering if I’m the a**hole in this situation.”

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This reader said that this person is NTA and that these folks sound entitled.

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Another reader said that this person might want to get a lock on their door because these two might pull something sneaky.

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This individual said this couple sounds like they are a couple of scammers.

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And this individual said this person should not give in to their demands under any circumstances. I agree!

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