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AITA for shaving my head and “cancer-fishing”?

“Okay. So. I used to have very long hair. Like, past my hips.

I think the total length was 2.5 ft? Everyone around me absolutely adored it, and I used to get so many compliments. About a week ago, I decided I was completely sick of it. I went to the salon, got it cut short, and donated that chunk. Then I went home, and the next day, I just shaved it. Idk why, I just felt like shaving it off, even though my plan was to just have v short hair.

It was completely bald, no hair at all on my head, and I absolutely adored it. Besides the fact that my head was so cold 24/7, my head felt lighter, and I felt so much freer, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I went to the supermarket, where I saw my friend’s girlfriend. I waved to her as soon as I noticed her, excited to catch up since it had been forever (~4 months) since we last talked. As soon as she saw me, her face dropped.

She quickly ran over, hugged me, and started apologizing and talking about how brave I was and how she was going to pray for me. I was just standing there, very confused.

After a moment, I asked what she was talking about, and she said that I was so brave for facing cancer. I don’t have cancer. I’ve never had cancer, and I was bewildered on why she thought I did. I wondered if my friend had said anything strange, and then realized that my bald head probably made her think I was going through chemo.

I explained that I didn’t have cancer, and I had just shaved my head because I felt like it. She accused me of “cancer-fishing,” and said that I was trying to make people pity me. I told her that I was absolutely not trying to do that, and she stormed away in a huff.

I was kind of shocked, but I was hoping she got it and we could move past the little misunderstanding Boy, was I wrong, I woke up to HUNDREDS of angry texts from our friend group, talking about how gross what I did was.

My friend, the one dating the supermarket girl, was defending my right to literally cut my hair, and he and his gf got in a huge argument and ended up breaking up.

His gf and her friends, and a couple of my friends, are blaming me for this breakup and also “cancer-fishing.”

AITA for accidentally making people think I have cancer and causing my friend+his gf to break up?”

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