You did this and you deserve it!

Nobody ever wants to hear those words directed at them and now a dad is second-guessing what he said to his daughter.

He took to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page to see what readers there thought about what he said.

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AITA for telling my daughter that she’s getting what she deserves?

“I (58m) have two daughters. One from a previous marriage and another from my wife’s previous marriage. Both daughters are around the same age (think mid-twenties).

My daughter Allie has never gotten along with her stepsister Johanna. If Johanna invited Allie to a movie, Allie was suddenly super busy and had no time. If Johanna wanted to come with Allie to a party, Johanna wasn’t invited and there was no way she could bring her. She’d rip up Joanna’s things and would blame Johanna when she’d be grounded.

Just the run of the mill petty teenager bullstink. Johanna was a good sport and always seemed to take things on the chin. Her explanation was always that “sisters fight”. Until about maybe three or four summers ago Allie was home from college and was going through a rough breakup that was causing her grades to tank which put her on academic probation.

Allie was upset and was taking it out on everyone, especially Johanna. My wife and I told her to cut it out and she seemed to catch on that her behavior wasn’t gonna be accepted.

Come to find out after Allie leaves to go back to college that she’d completely destroyed Johanna’s scrapbook with pictures of her dad and destroyed a lot of the shirts she had left of his. Johanna didn’t make a stink about it in front of us but that night the house stunk of E6000 and mod podge.

You could guess what she spent the night doing. After that incident Johanna had completely given up on Allie. Allie has a birthday coming up, Johanna wouldn’t even sign the card. Allie is in town for the weekend, unless it’s a holiday or family event, Johanna wasn’t there. And honestly we didn’t blame her.

Now the issue is that Allie wants Johanna to let things go and let bygones be bygones. Johanna is getting married soon, and Allie wants an invite. It was brought up this past week at a family dinner (Johanna and her fiance as well as their son attended/Allie and her wife and two girls attended as well).

Allie brought up how the kids were the same age and how it’d be cool after the wedding if the kids could hang out. Allie also asked what she should wear to Johanna’s wedding and if she’d be a bridesmaid. Johanna pretty much laid it out for Allie that she wasn’t coming and that the kids wouldn’t be seeing each other outside of family events.

The night was pretty tense afterwards and I asked Johanna if there was any way she could forgive Allie. She said she wanted nothing to do with her and I told her I fully understand that she carries a lot of hurt from how Allie treated her. Allie came to me after Johanna left and pretty much begged me to convince Johanna to move past things.

I told her that had she been a more considerate and kind person back then that maybe she’d have a chance at a relationship with her stepsister. I told her that she made her bed and she needs to lay in it. She said I’m a a-hole and that any good father would want to see his kids reunite.

AITA for telling her she deserves this?”

And here’s how folks reacted on Reddit.

This reader said, quite simply, that everyone except Johanna SUCKS in this situation. Ouch…

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Another person agreed and thinks that Allie needs to make peace with her sister.

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This individual said that these actions were simply sadistic. Thoughts on this comment?

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And finally, this reader pointed out that this isn’t the first time this has happened and that the dad seems to let Allie do whatever the hell she pleases. Not cool!

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