Things in life can seem all fine and dandy until money or property is involved. You know what I’m saying, right?

And that’s why this story obviously touched a nerve for the woman who wrote it. It concerns her house that she eventually wants to give to her daughter…but now there’s a man involved…

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AITA for saying that my daughter inherits my house “no matter what”?

“I’m a single mom in my 50s with one daughter. I got very lucky in that I bought a home in the Bay Area nearly 30 years ago for around $230K before the tech boom and now the house is worth about $1M.

I have a 23 year old daughter Camila who grew up in that house and she moved out last year to go live with her boyfriend. I’ve never explicitly told my daughter “the house will be yours” nor has she asked anything about it, but just sort of common sense – that’s my daughter. Who else would I give it to?

One important note – There are 2 homes in the neighborhood that are owned by lower middle class people (me and a neighbor who’s been here as long as I have). Otherwise, our neighbors are engineers and software developers. The Bay Area is simply un-affordable if you’re not in tech. My daughter is a hair stylist.

My fiance Steven and I have been together for 2 years. He has 2 young children (elementary school) he has joint custody of who I adore and I’m excited to help raise them. Steven and I don’t have a ton in the bank so a pre-nup seemed silly if it weren’t for the house.

I told him that I’m ready to combine finances and plan long term with him, but I wanted a pre-nup agreement just for the house. It’s a non-negotiable for me that my daughter inherits the house. He wasn’t happy with this. He said that $1M split 3 ways is enough for all 3 kids to get a headstart in life.

I disagree, I paid 80% of the mortgage by myself and Camila is my only child. She can have her dream life (working as a hair stylist, living in the Bay Area) with this house but will be unhappy (have to move out to a less desirable area) if it’s split.

I spoke to Camila about this and she agrees that she should get the house and said she always planned on inheriting it, just like I always planned on giving it to her.”

Readers shared their opinions about this conundrum.

This person said that she’s only been with this guy for two years and that his demanding part of the house is totally absurd.

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Another reader said that the woman needs to talk to an attorney ASAP to figure the situation out.

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This person pointed out that she needs to put her daughter’s name on the property as well. You have to cover your bases when it comes to this kind of stuff…

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This individual talked about how important prenups are how it has to be written in stone. You gotta be careful with this stuff!

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This reader said that the woman bought the house long before this Steven character was in the picture…and that it’s kind of presumptuous for him to think that he and his kids would get a piece of the action after they’ve only been together for two years.

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Finally, a Reddit user talked about how the woman needs to give the whole thing to her daughter because she did all the hard work and living in the Bay Area is EXPENSIVE, so everything should go to her daughter.

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