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Hey, sometimes you gotta lay down the law, you know?

And this woman wants to know if she went too far when it came to the rules for visiting her newborn baby.

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AITA for refusing to bend the rules on seeing my newborn just for one person (SIL) even it the only chance she’s has to see him for months?

“So I (34f) gave birth on Christmas Day before my sons birth and to lessen visits. We (my husband 28m) made a list in October and sent it out to everyone

Some rules include -up to date on ALL vaccines -if you feel anyway sick don’t visit

let us know a week before hand so we can arrange a day/time

no smokers

no phone calls or visits between 7:30pm-10pm -you can only stay an hour -no picking up the baby without consent -no Adivce -no perfume/deodorant

no is no we won’t explain why

no pictures to be taken or posted on social media

if you visit the first time you will be expected to give mom (me) a gift card and a gift for baby from out approved list

before you ever come no matter how many times you will be give a list of a ether food or groceries to bring with you AND a chore for a list of your choosing

no more than two visits a week per person

It’s help to keep the visits to minimum and no one can complain about favouritism because everyone is treated equally. Which brings me onto my current situation my sister in law(20f) studies in a different part of the country and is rarely home asked to visit last week before she had to go back to school, so We set up a date with link to our gift list than sent her the takeout we’d like including the chores she can choose from

Sent immediately texted back saying she’s broke and can she do extra chores instead, Me and my husband talked about it and came to the decision that if we bent the rules for one person everyone would want the same treatment

We told her no that we were very clear about our rules and maybe next time she could visit. She begged even said would clean the whole house because it would be June before she’s would be home again and we simply texted no. She didn’t reply

She left this morning and we got multiple texts for my in laws belittling us for using our child as a cash grab, my husband simply replied it was our rules and no one deserves special treatment than told his family they were on a time out and blocked them

Since than my family and our friends have told us we were wrong because she is a broke collage student and they would have understood if we looked the other way once. We have tried reaching out to his sister but she won’t reply.”

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