Every situation is different, but co-parenting between two people who are no longer together but can remain cordial and respectful to each other sounds like a good idea to me.

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AITA for continuing my parenting w my ex even though his gf said it’s not right?

“BACKSTORY – I (30F) was in a relationship with my ex (40M) for 4 years.

When I found out I was 2 months pregnant, I also found out he was cheating on me with his now current gf (29F). I tried to stay and work it out with him because I want to have that “My own little family”. I eventually broke it off completely on my 5th month of being pregnant. Even after breaking up, I was still very close to his mom and cousins (his only family in the state).

She, however, is not welcome to be anywhere near the family not because of me but because of the things she did. IE she picks fights with everyone, disrespects everyone, makes my ex watch her son while she goes out and even the reason why my ex is no longer allowed to see his daughter.Back to the present – my ex and I have been civil and coparenting since my son turn 8 months. He wanted to be in my son’s life and I will not take that away from my son. We only communicate when it comes to son, we don’t talk about anything else.

We still argue here and there because of miscommunication and if we can’t agree on something. Other than that, we are civil. You get the idea. His GF reached out to me and told me “out of respect” that our coparenting is not right. That we do extra stuff that are unnecessary. Such as me sending a picture of my son on the family group chat (yes, im still in it), why the drop offs and/or pickups are at each other’s home, why I ask my ex to bring his son to his doctor’s appointment on his free days because I cant make it. Things like that.

She even mentioned that she thinks that if we continue the way we coparent, it is disrespecting her and might as well get back together with my ex. I responded to her that I apologize she feels that way but we are doing what is best for our son.

If she has concerns, she should talk to my ex and we will talk about it. In which my ex told me that there is nothing wrong and nothing needs to be changed. And Im like OKAY THEN. COOL. She still texts me. I blocked her but she eventually will make fake numbers and keep on it. I snapped, I told her IDGAF about her.

That it is not my problem that her and her BD is not doing the same because her BD doesn’t want anything to do with her son. That I feel sorry for her. She got hurt and cried to my ex, which my ex started a fight w me.


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