I’ve heard horror stories from more than one person about their in-laws…

Even to the point of them not wanting them to watch their kids for one reason or another.

That’s when you know things are not going well, don’t you think…?

Take a look at this story and you decide if this woman is stepping over the line for not wanting her MIL to babysit her daughter.

AITA for not letting my MIL babysit my daughter?

“My daughter is breastfed exclusively and my MIL knows this.

When I bring my daughter to my MIL’s house I bring enough breast milk that she will have plenty with all the bottles and equipment for her. I’ve recently found out she is only feeding my daughter formula because she believes breast milk is dirty and has been throwing out all my breast milk. She said to my face breast milk is dirty because mothers who have s** pollute their own bodies.

She has never liked me and I’ve tried to get along with her but my husband just keeps his heads down and refuses to speak up in my defence. I’ve hired a babysit and won’t let my MIL babysit my daughter and my husband and I have been fighting because she is crying to him and he doesn’t see it was a big deal how she is fed. I feel like my family is getting split apart.

I gritted my teeth and let my MIL walk all over me because of my husband but this is outrageous to me because it should be my choice how I feed my baby. But am I wrong for not letting her babysit her anymore because I don’t trust her to follow how I want to feed my baby.”

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