Is your s**uality anyone else’s business?

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AITA for not telling my coworkers that I’m polyamorous and laughing at them?

“I (32F) am in a poly relationship with Ruby, my GF of 11 years and Louie, my BF of 10 years.

The three of us all date each other and are ‘closed off’ to dating anyone outside of our current relationship. I never mentioned this to my coworkers because I never cared to, I don’t tend to talk about my life while at work. A few weeks ago my coworker Ken, who was aware I had a boyfriend, saw me making out with Ruby at a bar and took some pictures.

He, apparently, started telling everyone that I was cheating on Louie and showed the pictures of Ruby and I. I had noticed that some people were giving me the cold shoulder but I just figured it was something to do with my recent promotion.

A few days ago I was talking to my friend in the break room about her ex and mentioned how much I h**e cheaters, which prompted Ken and a few of my other coworkers to start ‘calling me out’ and tell me that I was a hypocrite. When I said that I never cheated Ken ‘confronted’ me with the pictures of Ruby and I at the bar and a picture of Louie and I on a date from last week.

Ken kept asking “So who are you dating?!” while shoving his phone in my face, so I just brushed his arm aside and told him, “both of them.” That only seemed to see him and others off worse and he started nagging me again and I started laughing. I wasn’t trying to be rude I just actually found it funny how upset everyone was getting over my relationship that they had no idea about.

He stopped talking after laughed and I took that time to explain my relationship and showed pictures of all three of us including ones of Ruby and Louie kissing and I joked about him taking pictures “like a stalker”.

Now a bunch of my coworkers are p**sed that I “hid” my polyamory from them and are now saying that it’s “my fault” that they now look like jerks for talking bad about me behind my back.

AITA for not telling my coworkers that I’m poly and subsequently laughing in their faces?”

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