Listen, I’m a dog lover and anytime I’ve had a dog pass away I’ve been completely heartbroken.

But I’d never, ever DREAM of comparing a pet that passed away to an actual human being.

It’s just ridiculous and, honestly, totally insulting.

So is this woman an a**hole for telling her niece that her dog is not comparable to her niece?

Check out this story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my niece her dog is not comparable to my child?

“I lost my 15-year-old daughter in a car accident last year.

I have not been able to clean her room or go in it, so it’s the same as it was when she was alive. My husband doesn’t go in there either, and we keep the door closed. I don’t go anywhere except work anymore, and while I’m in therapy, it isn’t helping very much.

My niece is 17 and has always been extremely empathetic to animals, but unempathetic to other people. Her dog passed away two years ago, and she was very torn up for months but has completely moved on now. Last week, she came to stay with us for the night, and my husband made her a bed on the couch. She asked why she couldn’t sleep in “the guest room”, and I told her, confused, we don’t have one- we live in a 2-bedroom house.

Niece said that she thought our daughter’s room was the guest room now. I explained that we hadn’t been able to change anything yet, and she rolled her eyes and said it was a year ago, and we need to move on. When I started crying, she tried to apologize and, I think in an attempt to relate, said she had taken the loss of her dog very hard but got over it within a year, and I screamed that my child wasn’t a dog.

My husband came in to moderate, and ended up telling my niece to go home, called an Uber for her. I haven’t spoken to her since, but my sister reached out and said I was being unreasonable and had made niece “feel like a monster”. I didn’t mean to upset my niece, but I felt that she was completely out of line.


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