Where were you on November 6 of last year? If you were like a lot of Americans, you may have been glued to the news.

Together as a country, many of us witnessed a funny moment when the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Josh Shaprio, was interrupted during an MSNBC interview by an unwitting family member. It was a moment of levity that we all needed. I personally LOL’d.

The past year has definitely been a time for video call mishaps. Remember the boss who turned himself into a potato?

Or the defendant who was definitely not a cat?

Well it was a similar story last November, when Attorney General Shapiro was speaking to MSNBC about serious election issues, when his teenage son wandered into the shot.


The poor kid was frozen for about a second in horror, before slipping away.

One user responded that it was the 2020 version of another popular meme:

That was a tense week, and the laugh couldn’t have come at a better time.

Delighted by the break from serious news, Twitter went wild, with many users comparing the teen’s hasty retreat to Homer Simpson.

A lot of users were also reminded of a similar funny interruption of “BBC Dad” in 2017:

For his part, Shapiro took the whole thing in stride, joking about it with people on Twitter:

Every parent who tried to work from home last year or helped their child with remote schooling has some kind of story like this.

They just didn’t all happen on national news.

What about you? Did you have any funny Zoom mishaps? Share them in the comments.