You’d like to think that your parents are always straight with you about health issues…especially when they’re your own!

But this person took to Reddit to ask if they acted like an a**hole toward their parents for not disclosing their full medical history to them.

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AITA for being mad at my parents because they withheld information about my medical history from me?

“I have had nose and sinus issues my entire life. I could never breathe out my nose to the point where not only my smell and taste were almost non existent but i could only mouth breathe. I also had snot 24/7.

Sometimes it was like a leaky tap where it would not stop. I went through so much clothes and bedding because of getting snot all over everything and my clothes too. I got made fun of a lot at school and it used to make my teachers angry. I was so self conscious and didn’t have any friends. My parents always said there was no cure or anything when they took me to the doctor.

At the beginning this year I moved for a job. (I grew up in Nevada and the job was in Louisiana). I got here a few weeks before my start date to get set up. This is where it started. Within days of moving here I could breathe out my nose. No more snot and I can smell and taste. It freaked me out at first because this had never been possible in my life. I’m not a mouth breather anymore and my sleep is not disturbed now.

One of the good things about my job besides the pay is that it comes with insurance. I got a checkup at the dentist, the eye doctor and the doctor for the first time since I was 12. I had these when I was a kid but when I was about 12 my dad got a new job but the insurance was not good.

We only went to the doctor or dentist for major things like a broken bone. I was still on my dad’s insurance before I got my job. My new doctor asked for my medical records if I had them. My first doctor was gone but the building is still there and they had mine from a long time ago. There wasn’t much from the second.

This is where I found out my parents lied to me. In my old records it says a bunch of times the dry air hurts my sinuses. The doctor says a less dry climate would relieve them but besides that there is medication and a humidifer would help. It says so over and over. They never told the second doctor this information either.

I asked my parents about it. They were angry I got the medical records because they said it was private. My mom said they didn’t try medication because it was too much of a hassle to remember to give me the pills. My dad said moving was out of the question since it would remove my sister from her friends and a humidifier was too much work for mom.

I’m not so self centered I think they should have moved but if I had this info when I was older I could have been responsible for my own medication and I would have moved from Nevada when I was 18 if I knew it would help.

My parents must have told my sister everything because she blew up my phone with calls and messages saying I shouldn’t have snooped in the medical records and mom and dad were right to tell me there was no cure because the medication and other stuff was too much to put on their plate.

Aita for being furious about this? If I knew I could taken steps to fix this when I was d enough. I’m also perturbed they think me not being able to breathe properly was no big deal.”

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