If you don’t like stories about people treating workers at stores like dirt, then this one is really gonna fire you up.

A guy took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if he was out of line for how he treated an employee at a grocery store.

Let’s see what went down…

AITA For Going Off On A Grocery Store Employee?

“M24 if it means anything I guess

So the title sounds bad I’m sure. This afternoon I had to take off from work for a few hours to take my grandma to a docs appointment, as such I was dirty from working, and in my normal work clothes, denim shirt and jeans along with some greasy boots.

While she was in at the appointment I went into the Safeway across the street (the one I shop at for her every week to get groceries and whatever else she needs) to get her some baby aspirin, and myself a Gatorade.

While looking around trying to find a cold one I noticed the olive bar (you fill up a container with olives or antipasto type stuff, and you weigh it at the register) so I got myself a container of olives and peppers and went walking off to the register, the deli manager who I’ve talked to 100 times at this store mind you yells to me “you need us to label that so you can pay” they haven’t ever done this so I asked her “when did that start”

“it’s always been like that, bring it over”

“no it hasn’t, I’ve always weighed it at the register”

“what’s the code for them, if you’ve done it at the register before you’ll know the code”

“I leave it up to the cashier”

then I started walking to the register

she then yells at me

“this is why we have to raise prices, people like you”

so I said some things I’m not proud of, I’ll paraphrase here, I walked up to the deli counter and asked her directly

“are you accusing me of trying to steal olives?”

“I didn’t accuse you of anything”

“oh good, because for a minute there I thought you were being a profiling C_nt and accusing me of stealing 2.5 dollars worth of f**king olives when I spend around a 1000$ a month in this store”

and when I went to walk away she said something under her breath and stared at me while I walked away, then shouted “next time just pay for them”

so I turned around and called her everything I had boiling up and told her to call the f**king cops and I’ll stand right f**king here with the olives I’m trying so f**king hard to steal, and then I said “don’t worry I can wait a minute for your fat a** to get around here to detain me since I’m such a criminal”

she then waddled off into the back office, and I went off to find the floor manager and told him what happened, then he looked pissed and went off to find her, I set the s**t down and just left because I wasn’t about to give them any business.

Anyway, AITA?”

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