You’re not wearing that!

Uh oh…any time you hear someone say that to their significant other, you know there is gonna be a problem.

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AITA for not letting my girlfriend wear her “unique” dress to a wedding?

“My (M25) girlfriend (F30) Nat has a very particular sense of style. Picture Harley Finkle from wizards of waverly place, you will get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, i never had a problem with that! In fact, i love the way she dresses because she loves to do so, and i am happy if she is happy. The thing is, sometimes she likes to incorporate memes into her clothes. No problem. It’s cute. But now she wants to wear a dress inspired on the meme “gay rat wedding”. To my friend’s wedding. He and his fiancé are gay.

I told her, maybe that is not really appropriated? The dress in question would be full of little stuffed rats, pride flags and a big “I SUPPORT GAY RATS” on the front. My friend is not a big fan of the way my GF dresses and i think this dress may cause an certain uproar in the wedding.

Now, Nat is upset with me and claiming that i am “throwing water in her flame of creativity”. The wedding is next month, so she has plenty of time to think about another thing to wear. Should i just let her go with the dress?

Am I the a**hole in this situation?”

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And another person said you should be an NPC (non-player character) when you go to a wedding.

In other words, you’re supposed to stay in the background and not make it all about you.

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