Things can get testy when it comes to parents paying for their kids’ weddings…especially if they WILL pay for one kid and WON’T pay for another.

But this dad must have his reasons for doing this, right?

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AITA for paying for my son’s wedding when I made my other son elope?

“I have two sons Carl(38) and Jacob(M36). Jacob got married when he was 18. He asked me to pay for his wedding but I refused my reasons were:

He is too young to get married I don’t approve of his fiancee He has been with this girl for 1 year which in my idea is not long enough

He didn’t have enough money so they had to elope. One year later they had their first child, a boy and a year after that they had their second child, a girl(Jade)

They decided that they can’t handle two kids and told us they are gonna give her up for adoption. I was angry at them because I had warned him about it. I told him they are too young to have a kid, let alone two kids but they didn’t listen to me. I convinced him to let me and her mother adopt Jade and he agreed.

We went to another city and Carl came with us as well. for the past 16 years we were low contact with Jacob.

Even though my wife and I adopted Jade, Carl was the one who raised her and he did an amazing job. Jade considers him her dad now.

A year ago Carl got engaged to his fiancee, Maya. Maya is an amazing woman, they were together for 5 years before they got engaged. She is like a mom to Jade and I consider her my daughter.

A few weeks ago we went back to the city that Jacob lives as Jade, who had a very hard time when she found out she is adopted, is doing better now and is ready to meet her aunt and uncle.

Carl and Maya are getting married soon. To thank them for raising Jade and being such an amazing parents to her I told them I’m gonna pay all their wedding expenses.

A few days ago we were at Jacob’s home and they asked Carl about his wedding. He told him that I’m paying for everything and Jacob and his wife went mad. They told me its not fair that I’m paying for his wedding when I made them elope. They said I’m showing favoritism.

Jacob is not talking to me now. He says he wont talk to me unless I make it up to him. AITA?”

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