If you work in the service industry, you ideally want to have a good rapport with customers so they’ll spend more money and you won’t get into any hot water with your boss.

So you really shouldn’t take it personally if their friendliness seems forced at times.

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AITA for telling my friend the cashier is only nice to him because it’s her job?

“So there’s a new cashier at a local grocery store, and she’s admittedly good looking and nice.

I (m23) was shopping there with my (m24) friend a while ago and ever since then he’s been ecstatic about going there. He’s obviously into her, and he’s going on and on about how she’s into him too.

The thing is, she’s just being nice to him. She’s nice to me too. It’s her job, right?

My friend has been saying things like, he’s learning her schedule and that she always makes his day. He also wants to ask for her number. I tell him that the only reason she’s being nice to him is because it’s her job. He’s a customer. She’s nice to everyone. He needs to get over his obsession. He got really upset, called me an ah, said I’m jealous etc.

And so, I work at an adult shop, right? We get a looot of weird customers. I’ve experienced harassment at work and even more so has my female coworkers. So I know what it feels like, and I’ve seen real stalker behaviour. We can’t have our girls closing alone because some people wait outside just to be creeps. I tell this to my friend to explain my reasoning. He needs to respect this girls workplace.

He still doesn’t get it. Says he’d never be one of those and that he knows she’s into him too and I’m trying to steal her by being a “nice guy”. He basically stopped talking to me just because I told him to be respectful. I mean SURE, she could very well be into him. But let her take the lead then.

Am I an AH for saying all that? I really don’t think I am, but a couple of our friends said it’s none of my business and I should let him figure it out himself.”

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