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These stories always make me feel relieved that I don’t have to deal with family drama…at least, not very often.

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AITA for blocking my BIL and his wife so they didn’t have to see our baby pictures?

“My (32M) wife (33F) and I have three kids, (5F), (2M), and my wife just gave birth to a little boy.

My wife loves sharing things on social media but has never really posted pictures of our kids up until now, because she’s recently made it so that her page can only be viewed by her close family, which includes her brother (38M) and his wife, (30s???).

Both of them don’t like children, and have decided to not have any. Okay, its their life, good for them. A few days ago, my wife started posting about two pictures of our son a day with cute little captions. Yesterday, I received a text from my BIL asking if I could tell my wife to stop posting pictures of the baby.

I asked why, and he told me that he and his wife didn’t want to see kids on his social media feed, and asked that I respected his decision. I told him that I wasn’t going to be his messenger, and to talk to my wife himself, but he replied that he didn’t want to upset her and to please just talk to her because the baby pictures were “driving him insane”.

I told him that I thought that that was rather dramatic, and that’s when he said that he was already forced to deal with our kids during family reunions (which haven’t happened since late 2019) and that he shouldn’t expect to have to deal with them in his “off time.”

I didn’t reply to that message, and instead talked to my wife about it. She is a bit quicker to anger than I am, and she sent a message that essentially said that, if he couldn’t deal with two pictures a day, then he didn’t need to see anything going on in our lives. We talked about it a little more, and came to an agreement to block both of them from that social media.

My BIL has now contacted me through Messenger, absolutely upset that he and his wife have been blocked, saying that we “jumped the gun” and were just being petty about the situation.

Were we? My wife is kinda firm on the fact that what we did was the right thing, but I’m a little hesitant to agree.”

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This person said that the man is not to blame and that his brother-in-law could have handled the situation much differently.

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Another reader said the man’s wife needs to learn how to set boundaries with her family. Amen!

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This individual said that the brother-in-law is the a**hole in this situation. No doubt about it. And that he seems to be “bizarre”…

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This person said the man’s brother-in-law seems very controlling and that he could have filtered out the content on social media without making a big production about it.

I think I have to agree with this one.

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