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AITA for throwing out a birthday cake that was made for me?

“Last week was my (17F) and my twin brother’s birthday.

Our family wanted to throw us a small party and we thought it’d be a great idea since we’ve hardly gotten to see anyone in our extended family for the last year. I was particularly excited because our aunt owns a bakery and makes the most delicious cakes and I wasn’t able to get one last year.

The day of the party comes and my family members arrive. My aunt comes up to me and my brother with her daughter, Averi (9F), in tow. Both my aunt and Averi have a small box in their hands and Averi is absolutely beaming.

My aunt says, “Here are your cakes! I hope you like them!” and Averi immediately chimes in “And I made yours OP!” When my brother opens his box there’s the world’s most beautiful white chocolate cake. Absolutely supreme work by my aunt, it’s even got raspberry filling. My brother’s favorite. I couldn’t wait to see mine.

Needless to say when I opened my box I was quite disappointed. When Averi said that she made the cake she meant it. I don’t think my aunt had any involvement with my cake at all and it showed. The cake was lopsided, the icing noticeably uneven, and looked like it was decorated by a blind and/or drunk monkey that had access to sprinkles.

To be nice I took a bite. Lemon favor, which I detest. Even if it were a flavor that I liked it was dry and could barely qualify as edible. I set it aside, hugged and thanked my cousin for the cake, and continued with the party despite my disappointment.

After the party was over my aunt and mom were talking on the phone and my aunt asked to speak with me. She asked me what did I think about the cake and I was brutally honest. I told my aunt that I couldn’t eat the cake and had to throw it out and that I wished she had made a cake for both my brother and I and just let Averi have her little side project.

Unfortunately my aunt had put me on speakerphone so that my cousin could hear my answer and I gave the worst answer possible. Now Averi doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and my aunt and mom are upset with me. My brother called me and a** and said I should have just said I liked the cake but how was I supposed to know my aunt would put me on speakerphone like that?

Was I the a**hole?”

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