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AITA for not giving half of my mom’s inheritance to my cousin?

“I (37m) was approached by my uncle (trustee of grandmother’s (95f still alive) estate) a month ago and was told that her irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) of $800,000 was to be split equal between him ($400,000) and my mom ($400,000) upon my grandmother’s d**th.

My grandmother pays the premium each year out of her estate. Now, sadly my mother d**d of cancer two years ago and per the rules of the ILIT, I have become the sole beneficiary of my mom’s portion $400,000.

Now, a week after being told of this trust, I received a call from my uncle stating that it was now my grandmother’s wishes that I give his son, my cousin (32m) $200,000 of the $400,000 I inherited from my mom.

When asked what money he will be giving to his son, my cousin, out of his portion of the $400,000, he said nothing, he will keep the full $400,000, because he is “the son of my grandmother.” If I were to agree, he would have me sign a contract saying I will give up $200,000. As legally, he cannot change the rules of the trust or me as a beneficiary.

Fast forward another week, and now I’m getting angry calls from my grandmother (has dementia) saying that she wants my cousin and I to have equal money, $200,000 each (it has evolved from $100,000 to $2,000 and now $200,000). She is unable to articulate where the money is coming from and alludes to it coming from “me, my money, my will.”

My grandmother seems to have no knowledge of the trust being the source of the money, making it clear that my uncle has been coaching her and hiding the details of how the trust money is to be dispersed. To make matters personally worse, my grandmother recently asked if I wanted to be written out of the family because I’m being “greedy.”

I have also received a text from my aunt (uncle’s wife) saying that I’m a bad grandson and have no relationship with my grandmother, etc. All untrue. I love my grandmother dearly and want this to stop.

Now, another issue is that my uncle is saying that there will be no money in her estate (Will) at the time of her d**th due to her high cost of living and thus no money for me or my cousin will be available from her estate. This is why he wants my mom’s and my inheritance to be split up for his son, who he says will get nothing from my grandmother.

AITA for not wanting to split my mom’s portion of her inheritance, $400,000 (now my portion due to her d**th) with my uncle’s son, my cousin?”

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