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AITA for not wanting my GF to use my gym equipment?

“I decided I don’t like driving all the way to gym 4 times a week or sharing equipment with other people, so I decided to spend $4500 on building myself a home gym.

My girlfriend (2.5 years) doesn’t live with me. She has a key for EMERGENCIES. One morning she let herself to use my gym without even checking if I was okay with it?

Needless to say I wasn’t okay with this. The whole point was that I didn’t want to share a gym with anyone else. She’s acting like I’m TA for not wanting to share my gym with her. But she has a gym membership and it’s no further away from her place than my house is. There’s no real reason she has to use mine.

AITA here or is she for using my gym equipment without even checking with me if I’m okay with it?”

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