You watch the kid!

No, you watch the kid!

Uh oh…that’s never good…

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AITA for telling my wife I won’t/can’t watch our son?

“I have a good job, I make good money and I work hard enough to earn it. To the point that about 4 years ago after our son was born when my wife decided not to go back to work I became the only source of income.

This worked out well and everyone was happy until COVID hit. Once the pandemic started causing shut downs my role was transitioned from in an office downtown to working from home. I was a big fan of this. I work 5am to 7pm Mon to Sat typically so not having to commute meant that now I got to be home to put my son to bed and read to him at night and have more time to spend with my wife in the evenings.

The only problem is that my wife has struggled with the idea that the location of my job has changed but my responsibilities have not. I’ve had several discussions with her about the fact that even though I’m home now I’m not able to watch our son during the day, or explaining why I can’t get to the dishes till that evening. She will nod along to but I don’t think she really believes it. This has caused tension but not an outright fight until this week.

Some of our mutual friends are coming into town this weekend and we had made plans to spend time with them. However, on Monday my wife informs me that the couple is actually getting in Friday and she and her friend are going to get lunch and go shopping.

She tells me that I will need to watch our son. I respond by saying again that I can’t, I have work and Monday to Friday is not enough heads up for me to take a day off. She gets angry at me saying she watches our son everyday while I just “sit in my office from sun up to sun down” and how I should be able to watch our son so she can have a day off. She’s given me the cold shoulder since then.

I would love to spend the day with my son I just can’t take the time off on such short notice. AITA?”

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