There is a time and a place to share memes, my friends…

And I guess at some jobs, sharing memes isn’t the best idea.

And a man found this out the hard way when he was suspended after he posted a meme in a work chat.

A delivery driver named Nickolas was suspended from work for two days and it all started with these messages from management in a group chat.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Photo Credit: Reddit

And here’s the meme that got the man suspended from his job.

The meme shows a drowning man with his hand up that reads “Drivers with increased route sizes wanting a raise or peak season bonus.”

And a hand representing management slaps the drowning man’s hand with a “Congrats” added on.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Apparently, management didn’t find this meme to be very funny and the suspension was handed down.

Here’s how folks reacted on Reddit when Nickolas shared what happened on Reddit.

This person made a sarcastic comment about what happened.

Photo Credit: Reddit

And this person was pretty confused as to why they’d suspend someone for this and make the work days of the other employees even harder.

Photo Credit: Reddit

You better be careful about what you share in your work chats, people…the more you know, right…?

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