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AITA for locking the door to prevent my husband from getting involved in my job interview?

“I (/F33) am unemployed but God knows I had been looking for jobs (I’m a sale’s rep) for well over 5 months, right after I recovered from my knee surgery.

My husband has a high paying job, first he suggested I leave my career as sales rep behind [not up to his wealthy family’s standards, they’d mocked me for it a lot] and stay home but I refused because I love my job and want to grow in it. he suggested he finds me a better job since he has connections but that’s not in my field.

I’ve had several job interviews and my husband has ruined all of them for me and here’s how: he’d walk into the room whenever I’m having a potential job interview and introduce himself and take over the conversation with the interviewer, he’d tell them about how good I am but slip in some bad stuff that eventually cost me the job.

His argument was that he’s just making “recommendations” since he’s connections and “influence” but I told him to stop and let me handle it. He sulked saying he was just trying to “guide me” and whatnot.

Several days ago, I’d gotten a job interview and after getting inside the room and before the interview started I locked the door. My husband tried to come in and started knocking on the door asking why I was locking the door and telling me to let him in. I put my headphones on and used noise cancelling but he kept knocking telling me to open the door.

After the interview was over I unlocked the door and walked out. He went off on me calling me disrespectful and awful to lock him out like that. I said I was sorry I wanted to work for this company so badly and I couldn’t let him ruin it for me.

He got offended and said that I was being petty and childish and also ungrateful because of the stunt I pulled and said that he was trying to help me get the best deal out there. I said I’m not a child but he said that yes I was especially with how I behaved and for “excluding” him from my interview.”

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