I have four siblings, so I know that these relationships can be…strained sometimes.

But what are you supposed to do when a brother or a sister needs a place to live and you aren’t willing to go that extra mile?

Are you supposed to feel like an a**hole?

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AITA for refusing to take my brother in after he ruined my wedding?

“Context: I 32M have a younger brother ‘Sean’ who’s always been the trouble maker in the family.

He used to get our parents involved in his never ending shenanigans and it got worse as he grew up. His behavior affected me hugely as my parents sold stuff I had to be able to bail him out all the time. They even split my college fund and gave a half to him so he could start a small business since it was unfair I had education while he couldn’t go to college.

I’ve limited contact with but heard about awful stuff he did like stealing my parents medication money and ruining the only car they had etc.

I didn’t invite him to my wedding but fell into family pressure and sent him and his then girlfriend an invitation. He showed up, made a scene by trying to snatch something that belonged to one of the guests and lied saying my wife took it and his girlfriend backed him up which had the Police involved and my wedding got ruined as my parents and his girlfriend defended him to no end first saying he didn’t do it, then said he was just d**nk and doing a prank.

That was it for me I visited him at the station and told him I had enough of his behavior and cut contact. Fast forward 4 years later, dad passed away and mom got remarried. Sean got of jail and his step dad refused to take him in. They had a huge argument and mom then called crying asking if I could take Sean in for few days til his leg injury recovers.

My initial response was no but after mom kept begging me I started falling for the pressure. My wife said she doesn’t want him there after what he’s done at our wedding night accusing her of stealing. I told mom I refuse to take him in and she blew up calling me selfish, heartless, unsupportive to let my brother be homeless. I said he offended my wife and ruined our wedding but she took as in we’re trying to use his situation too get back at him and humiliate him.

She had her family wanting me to consider when I asked why they can’t help they said since I’m his brother I’m obligated to help more than anyone else.”

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