I’m not a gamer, but I know some people who enjoy playing games online and I think it’s safe to call some of them a little bit obsessed…

And I can imagine that if you were in a relationship with someone who takes their video games a little too seriously, you might get fed up.

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AITA for yelling at my obsessed wife?

“Hello there, I’m currently typing this from my car, after my wife has told me she doesn’t want me near her right now. Hoping this thread will be a wake up call to her.

My wife (F33) is a big nerd, which I normally appreciate, but she is taking things way too far today. She took today off of work, so she could be up at 4AM to play her online game at launch. I didn’t wake up until about an hour ago (10:30, and she was still playing.

I mentioned that I was hungry, hoping we could make breakfast together , which we like to do together. She instead said that I should “order us something from Doordash, I’m in the middle of a dungeon and may be a while.” I didn’t really wanna get takeout, because we had already discussed ordering pizza tonight for dinner, and that’s a lot of take out food in one day.

I calmly explained this, and she got pi**ed and shrieked at me that she just wanted one weekend to focus on her video game. I said that it was unfair to our family for her to isolate all weekend, and she got even more mad, telling me that I have two hands and can feed the godd**n cat.

I was in tears at this point, and I did raise my voice and said that I was worried she’s obsessed with this game and maybe she needs professional help. She threw her car keys at me and said that I need to get out of her face, that she’s works all the time and doesn’t ask for much, and I need to leave her be and get out of her face for a few hours.

I am truly concerned that she has become obsessed with this online game, and I’m hoping that maybe reading this thread will wake her up to it, but I might’ve been the AH too.”

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This person said that it sounds like this guy is just annoyed that his wife isn’t cooking for him.

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Another Reddit user said this guy is behaving like a little kid and that his wife is allowed to have hobbies and free time.

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And this individual said that this guy is throwing “mantrums.”

I think I’m gonna start using that…

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