I’ve always thought that it must be hard for people to retire and then try to get back into the routine of a completely different life.

And that brings us to today’s story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

A man wants to know if he’s wrong for not being up to snuff as far as keeping up the house like his wife did for decades.

Let’s take a look at his story.

AITA for not knowing how to run the house like my wife did for almost 50 years?

“My wife and I are 68, I retired about 3 years ago, and my wife is/was a nurse who went back to work for a, “change of pace”.

So for the first time ever I’m out of work, and she’s working. This has created a bit of an awkward dynamic since I have 0 experience doing chores (we got married and moved in together when we were 18, and before that I lived with my mom). So I legitimately have never had to lift a finger at home til recently.

My wife packed my lunch and kissed me goodbye for 47 years. She was a bit shocked to discover I won’t be doing the same. She’s had to teach me how to cook, since I had very little experience doing it (none actually), now the only thing I can do well is clean. So that is not an issue. But everything else that she used to do I’m just not capable of. She’s been less than understanding…

I feel that we should maybe split the chores

We recently got into an argument because I haven’t been able to, “do what I (she) did for almost 50 years” Which she’s right, but like I said….I have no experience with any of this stuff.

I didn’t even want to retire since my dad and grandpa worked til the day they died, but she convinced me too. And now I’m stuck here. I’m doing my best.”

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One person said that this guy is the a**hole here…no doubt about it.

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And this reader said that anyone can learn how to cook if they put the effort in. Amen!

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Finally, this individual said that this guy sounds like he’s making a huge production out of what really isn’t a big deal.

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