Drama playing out in public is never a good thing.

And that goes double when the s**t hits the fan in front of your significant other’s family.

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AITA for leaving dinner early and causing a scene in front of my wife’s family?

“Let me preface this by saying that I (M35) love my wife (F40). I just think she can be a bit inconsiderate at times.

My son (15M) has what my wife calls a “deadpan voice”. While I admit he doesn’t show much enthusiasm when speaking, I think he has a right to express himself in his own way. My wife, however, insists that he needs to be more enthusiastic and vocal. She often tells him to “speak up” or “say it with feeling” and I can tell that it gets to him.

My wife recently started taking a different approach, which I can tell really bothers him. When addressing him, she talks in the most enthusiastic voice she can muster. She’ll even go so far as to clap her hands and make facial expressions as she talks to him.

“How was school today? Tell me all about it! Speak LOUDLY and with ENTHUSIASM!” (Think kindergarten teacher talking to her students). My son just looks at her like she’s crazy and I can tell he’s embarrassed.

I have tried to privately talk to my wife about this, but she doesn’t seem to get it. She insists that her way is the “right” way and that our son needs to learn how to be more outgoing.

So fast forward to yesterday. We were celebrating Christmas at my sister-in-law’s house and my son asked me to pass the gravy. My wife, in her usual enthusiastic voice, started saying “Say it with feeling, honey! Can you ask for the gravy with enthusiasm?!”

I snapped. It’s one thing to do this when it’s just the two of us, but doing this in front of our family was too much. I got up, took my son, and took him to the movies, leaving my wife with the other family members.

After we got back, my wife pulled me aside and absolutely ripped into me for causing a scene. She said that I was embarrassing her and that I was out of line. I told her that I was tired of her trying to “fix” our son’s personality and that I felt this was a good opportunity to make a point. My wife’s family hasn’t said anything to me, but I’ve been getting a lot of judgemental looks from them.

I just wanted to stick up for my son, but did I go too far? AITA?”

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