I’m gonna go on the record right here and now and admit that I didn’t even know there were school supply standards…but here we are, people!

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Let’s dig in to this story and see if we think this dad acted like an a**hole for not following school supply standards at his kids’ school.

AITA for not following the school supply standards for my children?

“I – 35M – have two children, 9M and 5M.

My littlest one is going into kindergarten and I was so excited to properly include him in our school shopping routine. He’s always tagged along with his brother and gotten his own arts and crafts stuff to use at home, of course, but there’s a new layer of excitement this year.

We always allow independence in choices, as long as it doesn’t become inconvenient. For example, if my kid picks out the 120 count crayons, we might redirect him to the 96 count instead since that’s easier to carry around in his backpack.

Other than practicality, we don’t try to persuade them in any way. It’s always a fun experience and a great way to kick off the school year (and to relieve some of those “oh god my baby is leaving me” fears for my husband and I with our 5yo.)

We usually grab quite a few of the items on the teacher’s wish list as well and make a point to wrap it up nicely as a little thank you present from our children to the educator that will be spending the year with them.

This year upon receiving the school supplies list, there is a note made at the top that all supplies should be exactly as listed on the sheet (such as, a 24 pack of crayons) as all items will be shared with every student in the class. This was confusing for me, as I buy the items specifically for my children.

I decided I was going to go through with our supply shopping tradition as normal – never getting anything LESS than what was required, of course – and send a note with both of my boys that their items would be their own and could be kept in their backpacks as usual. When I expressed this sentiment to those around me (aside from my husband, who was on my side) they weren’t very receptive to the idea.

AITA for not following the rules listed?”

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