I am not and have never been married, so I’m looking forward to gaining some insight from these AskReddit users who got real about what they miss about being single.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. All about you.

“Not having to consider anyone else when making a decision.

Not having to factor anyone else in. Only you decide what to watch at what volume, what to eat and when etc.

But I absolutely love my marriage so not being 100% selfish 100% seems like a good trade.”

2. Do what you want.

“Not having to justify myself to another adult if I’m getting takeout 2 days in a row.

Or hanging out in bed until two in the afternoon on a Saturday without anyone hassling you.”

3. My way.

“Cleaning the way I want.

I have a thing about liking to clean when no one else is around, just because how I do it takes time and has a weird system to it.”

4. Stay away.

“Not being beaten in my sleep by my wife.


5. I don’t like the sound of this.

“Tidiness. My wife is super messy.

I’m not expecting her to change. But I do miss it.”

6. It’s terrible.

“Not having to share my leftovers.

When I was single I could treat myself to Chinese food and the leftovers were mine.

Now I have to be considerate and share, it’s terrible.”

7. Alone time.

“Being alone and not feeling guilty about it.

I have a wife and daughter so when I do get a chance to be alone for a couple hours it’s amazing as hell, but I feel bad that I want to be alone.

I love them both to death and would do anything for them, but man I miss my alone time.”

8. Sounds fun.

“Controlling the remote at all times.

Watching ANYTHING without constant streaming commentary.”

9. Where are my friends?

“Friends. Don’t get me wrong, my wife has done nothing to isolate me. But when you marry your soulmate and best friend, it’s easy to think that’s all you’ll ever need.

Add a long-hours job to the mix, and before you know it she’s the only person you interact with away from your desk. Then kids come along, and you’d sacrifice anything for your family – especially free time. B

ut the kids grow up, and your wife craves time away from you and the kids. Then one day you realize – you’re alone.”

10. Hands off.

“TINY PEOPLE NOT TOUCHING MY STUFF. I have to be organized to stay focused and my hubs and both kids have ADHD.

Starting any project is a guessing game as to where any necessary item is located.

And it’s really, really hard to be the only one in the house that plans ahead.”

11. Let me check…

“Being able to immediately yes to doing literally anything without having to coordinate plans/clear it with someone else.”

12. You’re not coming.

“Traveling alone.

I mean I could travel alone if I really wanted, but it would feel kinda mean to be like “hey I’m gonna plan a really big cool trip, and you’re not invited!””

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