Alright, fellas, it’s time for some real talk.

Real talk about what men like the most about women besides their physical appearance.

This promises to be an interesting conversation!

Read on to see what these guys had to say.

It was a sign.

“One of the main reasons I started dating my current girlfriend was because she accidentally spilled popcorn in my car after our first date. Profusely apologized, asked if she could clean it up—car is a POS so I didn’t care.

Got home. She texted me apologizing again.

I dunno why but her caring about spilling popcorn in my sh**ty car made me realize hey, maybe she can care about me too.”

Good one.


If she can openly admit when she’s wrong or that she f**ked up that’s attractive as it shows maturity and ability to judge yourself impartially and it means you are less likely to repeat the mistake.

This also means what you feel for her is not only love, it’s respect, which is just as important.”

Nice and calm.

“For me, the s**iest thing a woman can do is be calm – not calm as in quiet, as in calm when s**t goes sideways or something unexpected happens.

Having someone who is reliable and stable as a partner is so crucial in life.”

Good teammate.

“My girlfriend of 5 years and I are splitting up. There are going to be a lot of things I miss, and a lot of things I don’t miss.

But the number one fear I have is going back to being with people who can’t be a teammate. My ex is a FANTASTIC teammate.

Being with someone who can tackle things with you, and not someone who you have to carry through the barrage of life, is one of the best feelings in the world.”


“Having a hobby/interest that they are very knowledgeable/passionate with.

Even if it’s something super benign like painting nails or baseball, I just love people who can ramble on about their interest- especially if I’m not into it, it’s like peaking into another world.

Knew a girl that was into knitting- but not just like “knew how to cross stitch”, full on had a set up where she would turn wool into yarn and even had a favorite small sheep farm she would order from exclusively. Was interesting as hell to me.”

What do you have to say.

“WHAT she says.

A woman can look stunning but in opening her mouth she reveals who she truly is. To know if a woman is intelligent, funny, angry, depressed, or even sexy I don’t need to see I need to hear. Above all else as a man I try to listen.

The second best advice I ever got about dating was to get the other person to talk, to ask leading questions. The first, of course, is to make them laugh.

And a woman’s laugh to will reveal so much about them. Authenticity, and genuine character do not look like anything I have ever seen but I can hear them.”

Darn right!


Good looks only go so far when you realize she doesn’t even know basic life skills.”

I love it!

“Went on a date last week and the woman never took her phone out of her purse.

Super hot!”

All of it.

“How they treat themselves (self care), how they treat others (friendships), how they work with others (collaboration), what they enjoy learning (curiosity), and what they enjoy doing (creativity).”


“Enthusiasm. Boundaries. Responsible for herself.

Allows herself to be challenged in her thinking. Enough backbone to keep me honest when I’m wrong.”

You got this.

“When my wife and I were dating one of the things that made her stand out was that she was totally self-sufficient, she didn’t need help nor did she expect it.

We dated for almost two years before making the decision to move in together and that was mostly a confluence of circumstances, she wanted to live on her own because it was freedom for her.”

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