You call that a flex…?

Are you crazy?!?!

That’s right folks, today we’re here to talk about things that people flex about…that they probably shouldn’t.

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You’re right.

“Boasting about how much they can drink.

Having a high tolerance sucks.

You’re paying more to get to the same point.”

Not cool.

“Grinding crazy hours/not taking holidays – 60-80 hour weeks and no holidays (Public accountants, looking at you)

My cousin’s husband always brags about what a manly man he is and how he’s never changed his daughter’s diaper/bathed her/put her to bed.

Their daughter is coming up to 1 year old and he never fails to brag about it every family gathering. I’m not sure why he sees it as a flex??

Basically bragging about being a terrible father.”


“My coworkers flexing their $900 car payments for new cars they didn’t need to buy with high interest rates.”


“Riding around in a limousine.

I think it was David Spade who made the joke about it saying: “whenever I see someone riding in a limo, I think ‘wow, you have $300.’”

That’s weird.

“I love it when people on Instagram have a T-Shirt company online and their bio says CEO.”

For real.

“Not taking your PTO.

I genuinely like my job. I like getting to solve cool puzzles all day long. If my company would let me cash out PTO, I probably wouldn’t take all of it.

However… they don’t let me cash it out and I can only rollover 40 hours of PTO on my employment anniversary, so I make sure to carry less than that because fuck losing free money.

Like, PTO is LITERALLY part of my compensation. Losing PTO is losing money, and f**k y’all if you think I’m just gonna give that s**t away for no reason.

You could offer to pay it out to me and I’d work more, but you don’t so give me that free money while also losing me for 4+ weeks every year.

My bottom line isn’t going to take a hit either way, but yours just might.”

Good grief.

“One upmanship.

Good grief. People think making someone else look less than them makes them “cool”.

Um no, it makes you look INSECURE.”


“Do you know who my dad, mom, or parents are?

No, no one cares.”


“”I’m just brutally honest with people”.

Then proceeds to make rude subjective comment that is usually a dishonest front to cover their issues.

They’re the worst…”

Al Bundy?

“When adults brag about high school sports achievements like that’s their whole personality.”

Avoid at all costs.

“Proclaiming you’re an alpha male.

In fact, it makes you look like a complete idiot and everyone h**es you.”


“These idiots that ride motorcycles/atv super fast and recklessly down city streets doing wheelies and swerving in and out of traffic.”

It all worked out!

“Having a huge, expensive wedding when you’re not a wealthy person.

My first wedding was done on the cheap and we flexed about that for YEARS after. We loved bragging about how much we DIDN’T spend.

And to perfectly bookend the story, the divorce was amicable so we didn’t spend much on that either.”

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