I love a woman with a sense of humor!

In fact, I’d say that’s probably the most attractive thing to me overall when it comes to the ladies.

But that’s just my opinion!

Let’s see what men on AskReddit had to say about this.

Good one!

“I love when a girl can sing.

My wife claims she can’t can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but when she sings it’s beautiful to my ears. I’ve been a musician my whole life and feel I have reasonably good judgement on vocal quality.

When we have a couple drinks I’ll get my guitar out and can occasionally convince her to sing a few songs with me. It’s one of my favorite things we do.”

That’s sweet.

“My wife laughs are literally everything.

Sometimes she watches a show on her lap top in our room and I hear her cracking up from down the hall.

Absolutely love it.”


“A hobby in general is appealing to me because it lets me see them in their most comfortable place and doing something they are passionate about.”

It all works out.

“Someone with equivalent levels of apathy and laziness, but about areas of life that compliment my own apathy and laziness.

That way one of us will always let the fu**ing dog out or put the kettle on. But I don’t feel too guilty for saying soffit, Saturday sofa day.

I’m not getting dressed. Been married 16 years. Perfect.”


“I saw a girl riding a fixed gear bike in the city, and doing bunny hops with the bike at an intersection to stay upright.

I had only just started up riding my bike again and I was just so impressed with the skills.”

Show me the real stuff.

“Actually showing me HER.

I remember I was playing pool with a girl I was interested in and she was ACTUALLY trying. Not just doing some sort of ‘tee-hee I missed again’ thing to make me feel good and treating the whole thing as a flirtation device. She was bringing her A-game and I respected her a lot for it.

I wasn’t threatened by it, I was very happy about it and invigorated by it. It let me know I could actually address her with the same sort of treatment she was showing, the same sort of realness. Like we were on the same level. My respect went up a whole lot.”



I’m a bit of a pessimist at times. I fall into nihilistic thinking a lot.

Good to have someone who can look at our future, with a positive light.”

The good stuff.

“General vibe needs to be on point. Thoughtful, kind, sassy.

I’m perfectly happy single, so my partner needs to add to my life and make our time together more valuable than my time alone.”



Being willing to put yourself at risk of humiliation, danger, or failure when encountering new activities is attractive.”


“If her principles and values are similar to mine.

It’s a way to minimize unnecessary discussions and keep harmony while enjoying each other’s company.”

Different is good.

“Literally love the fact of how different my wife is from me.

Then there are moments where we meet in the middle and it brings me joy to know I’m not alone in the world.”


“Passion. Doesn’t matter what for.

Dendrology, martial arts, painting, i don’t care. The love of and drive to do something is a quality I find very compelling.

If it’s something we share, all the better!”

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