Women…they’re just a mystery, right, fellas?

You better believe it!

And, since us guys agree on that fact, let’s see what men out there had to say about this.

Get started now!

1. Uh oh…

“How the f**k they remember crazy minute details from 27 months ago of something I did the moment an argument starts?”

2. Playing games.

“The mind games.

Once had a girlfriend who would intentionally wait longer to respond to some people’s texts than others. Like a whole mental tier list of who was important enough to get immediate responses and who had to wait.

Just… Reply…”

3. What’s the point?

“Long velociraptor claw like nail. Is perhaps the most unattractive thing of all time and seems so impractical.”

4. Something’s off here…

“Shaving eyebrows.

You do what you like obviously, I still don’t get it.

It looks strange.”

5. All of it.


The women I have known well simply think differently than I. It’s actually a good thing.

Your partner looks at situations differently than you do therefore, when you put both of your views together, you will usually come up with an answer better than either of you would on their own.”

6. Why?!?!

“Why the f**k do you want to turn up the heat in the passenger side of the car and then move the f**king vent away from you??!!??”

7. The big question.

“Based on the amount of hair I have seen in the bathroom, and that I somehow still keep finding in my clothes, how do you still have so much hair on your head?”

8. Over and over.

“Regardless of if it’s a friend, partner, family member; why do people who treat you so badly get so many chances?

Obviously a generalization, I know, but I have seen it over and over.”

9. In pain.

“How women are bleeding once every month and act like it’s nothing.

Seeing that pain in my wife and not being able to relate sucks.

I wish there was paid menstrual time off at work for women.”

10. Freezing cold.

“Why my wife needs to sleep with the window open – even if it’s -30 degrees out. I just see dollar bills flying out the window. She just says I can never understand it (she’s menopausal).

I went to bed the other night (she goes to bed 3 hrs before me) and my alarm clock temp reading showed 12 degrees celsius (53 FAHR) Forget s** – I just want to survive until the morning without freezing to d**th!”

11. What’s the deal?

“Why our relationship is always a relationship between me and her, her mother, her sisters, and her friends.

Why’s our business always everyone’s business?”

12. Keeping score.

“My wife’s ability to remember every single slight that I’ve said.

From 10 years ago. Like she’s keeping score.”

What will you never understand about women?

Let us know in the comments.

Please and thank you!