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And this mom wants to know if she’s a jerk for not letting her daughter get acrylic nails.

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AITA for not letting my daughter get acrylics?

“I (40f) have a daughter (14f) who asked me if one of her Christmas presents could be a trip to the nail salon. She wanted to get long acrylics done like she sees a lot of other girls wearing.

I am going to be honest and say that I think acrylic nails are a waste of money when press-ons are much cheaper and can look just as good when done properly, even though they don’t last quite as long. I wear press ons pretty regularly, which she knows.

When she asked if I would take her I said no, and explained my reasoning. I told her that she could look online or I’d take her to ulta and get her press ons that I’d show her how to do.

Since that sounds cheap, and because it isn’t about the dollar amount, it’s about where the money is going, I told her I would try and get her a hair appointment and she could get something fancy done.

My daughter objected – saying that nobody gets press ons done and that press ons don’t look good. Admittedly, I felt hurt as I think I do pretty good on my nails. I told her that she can take my offer or leave it, but she won’t be disrespectful.

She continued to complain about how she’d be made fun of for having press ons and not the real thing. I told her if she got her own money I’d take her to the salon but I am not paying for something I feel is a waste of money.

My husband says I’m being too harsh, and that acrylics are a status symbol for girls now. I said that she’s 14, she doesn’t need a symbol of her status.

He pointed out that we could afford a trip to the nail salon. I agreed, but reiterated that it isn’t about the dollar amount, it’s about the worth. My husband grumbled for a bit and now they are both unhappy with me.


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