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AITA for telling my son’s grandma she has no rights to my kids?

“I have 3 kids. (13M, 9F, 3M). My 13M (Josh) and 9F (Katie) are with my ex husband & grandma and during the school year live with him mainly due to better schools.

School year starts Tuesday so they went back to dad today to make sure everything is in order. Grandma and I don’t get along (at all). Dad and I have a great relationship.

Josh called me an hour ago really angry and told me “mom! This is really messed up! Grandma just told me I’m not allowed to dye my hair teal in her house cause she likes my hair! You and dad told me yes, and I told her that. She said she’s over-riding your decisions and her word is more powerful then yours cause she’s grandma.” So I told him to let me talk to her.

He handed her the phone and I went “so, Josh just told me you won’t let him dye his hair despite me and (dad) giving the okay.” She confirmed what Josh said. I told her “Last time I checked, Josh came out of my vagina and (dad)s balls. We are the only 2 with LEGAL rights to him. You have no right to tell him what he can and can not do to his body. Same goes for Katie. They are mine and (dads) children. Not yours. Learn your place”.

Dad called me a little while later, laughing. He said while it was a long time coming and funny asf, he’s dealing with the backlash of his mom and stepdad badmouthing me saying I’m a massive AH.

AITA for snapping after (nearly) 14y of verbal abuse from this woman as well as her always undermining my parenting?”

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