I bet working in the wedding industry would be pretty fun.

You get to be at big parties all the time, meet all kinds of different people, and see two people make a lifetime commitment to each other…hopefully.

Are you ready to get some dirt?!?!

People who work in the wedding industry shared their stories of doomed marriages on AskReddit. Let’s take a look.

1. Uh oh.

“I’ve been right a few times for sure. Photographer here.

One groom was so full of himself, but did that “Whatever you want, my Queen” thing where he wants to be seen as this great guy, but really he’s a self-absorbed dick. He was a “chef” and f*cking loved telling people that.

It was a quick engagement and marriage, and I got the feeling maybe too quick. The wedding and reception were to be at his parents place, and his mom had a lot of input, as did his sister. The bride got shut down whenever she talked.

On the day of the wedding, I arrive to shoot the bride getting ready. She is alone with the hair and makeup person. I initially thought that person was a friend, but she wasn’t. Her bridesmaids were not there. Two hours go by. She can’t get a hold of them. The makeup person leaves. I help her put her veil on and do up her shoes.

I am feeling so bad for her, and also awkward as f*ck. This is supposed to be her big day and here is basically a stranger putting her veil on and telling her she looks great.

Finally, the bridesmaids come in. The maid of honour is the groom’s sister. When the bride questions them, the sister says they went out for breakfast. The bride asks why they wouldn’t tell her or bring her food and they get p*ssy, like she’s being bridezilla.

Then it comes out that the groom was invited for breakfast, along with the groomsmen. And they all had started drinking. It’s only 11:30am and the bridal party is half lit. The kicker? None of the bridesmaids are dressed or have their hair or makeup done. The wedding is in 30mins.

I get 0 photos of the bridesmaids. I run to shoot the groomsmen. They are doing shots. I get some great photos of them because they’re drunk and all dressed up and feeling great.

Wedding happens and that part is fine. We are supposed to go to a nearby beach and trail for photos. This never happens because the groom is literally talking to every person in attendance in the longest receiving line situation I have ever seen. He keeps drinking.

The meal happens and takes forever. The sun is about to set. I tell the couple I literally have 0 photos of them alone together and we need to go.

He says “Yeah, yeah after the speeches.”

He gets up to speak after several of his friends and his sister do 10-minute speeches and he goes on. And on. And on. Most of it has nothing to do with his new bride. 30mins into his speech and the sun has set. He finally finishes and I approach the bride. She just looks at me, defeated, and says, “You can just go home now.”

Groom was in the middle of a group of people, chugging a beer and laughing loudly while his beautiful new bride sat alone, seemingly wondering what the f*ck she got herself into.

I delivered the images and they didn’t pay the remainder amount. I got a million excuses. After a month, I finally texted him and said I was going through small claims. The next day he sent an EFT with an angry message about hounding him and giving me a bad review.

I saw her six months later at a restaurant and before I could ask, she told me she left him.

Saw him a few months ago working at a liquor store downtown – I guess being a chef didn’t work out (a friend told me they know of him and he got fired from three restaurants). He ignored me while he flirted hard with this woman. I sh*t you not – just before we left he said to her, “I’m off in 5 minutes. I’ll walk with you to that store.

I’ll tell Charlie to put that delicious Cab Sauv aside for you.” So smooth. Good luck, lady.”

2. Sounds excited about it.

“At a wedding when the “I do’s” came, the groom said, “I guess”.”

3. Let’s try this again.

“It was the third time the bride had hired me and all the guys had been carbon copies.

She clearly had a type.

The type wasn’t working, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her.”

4. Red flag.

“When the bride and groom argued over why the grooms mother shouldn’t get all money given to them on their wedding day.

Yeah, that was a red flag.”

5. Let’s call it off.

“They had a big fight the night before the wedding and were considering calling it off.

Until the bride showed up 30 minutes before the ceremony, no one was sure if she would be there at all. The groom danced with his MOM more times than he did with the bride. The bride was snippy and nitpicky with the staff all night.

The word “annullment” was cast around and I hope to god they went through with it the next day because holy sh*t.”

6. I’m going home!

“I work in a hotel.

I came in one night to find the wedding was already wrapped up (it was supposed to go until 1 AM and it was 11 PM) because the wedding couple had a fight and she went home with mom.

At another one they had a huge rehearsal dinner fight which spilled out into the lobby. Everyone in the lobby found out that she hated his parents, she was pregnant and she had no idea who the father was, and a few other things.

Half the guest list packed up and checked out the next day. They still got married.”

7. That’s not good.

“Photographing the groom and his eyes lit up when a guest arrived.

It was a cute woman in a short dress. He smiled, walked up to the woman, picked her up and swung her in his arms.

Best smile I captured of the groom all day.

Marriage didn’t last 6 months from what I’ve heard.”

8. Not gonna make it.

“Two of the weddings i could just tell they weren’t going to make it.

The first wedding the bride and groom hardly talked the entire wedding. It was like they had nothing in common. And then later the groom pretty much f*cks off half way through and went home because i quote “he was tired”.

So he just left his bride having to take pictures with the wedding guests on her own. He never came back that evening so she had to greet everyone off etc. Funny enough about a year later i heard they’re filing for divorce.

Another time was actually last summer. Just before the wedding speeches the groom went go hang out with his friends for like half an hour leaving the bride sitting there alone and delaying the speeches.

Then right after the bride and groom cut the cake he once again went to go hang out with his friends and abandoned his wife. So she was left alone having to mingle with all the guests and he made no interaction with her side of the guests. He stuck with his friends the rest of the evening.

His wife basically had to go and beg him to come and take more wedding pictures. At one point in the evening he actually went for a drive with his friends for about an hour and his wife had no idea where he was.

I mean I get wanting to mingle with your friends at your wedding but to not even mingle with your wife’s family or friends on your wedding day seems quite rude.”

9. D*ckhead.

“Wedding DJ here.

Had a wedding a few years ago where the groom was a total d*ckhead. When it was his turn to make a speech he refused to make one. When the bride’s sister begged him to please make a speech or at least just tell the bride she looks beautiful, he got up took the mic mumbled to her that she looks beautiful and sat back down.

When I left after the wedding was done I was walking to my van with some gear and the I saw the bride sitting one side crying. Found out a few days later that the groom hit her 3 days before the wedding and he tried to hit her at the wedding again when she asked him to not drink so much and pace himself.”

10. Classy!

“I work for a catering company.

I knew they were going to get a divorce as soon as the bride started grinding on the best man when the groom was puking his guts out in the corner.”

11. Drama queen.

“Many years ago I had a side hustle doing cakes and would often get orders for wedding cakes.

Long story short, the bride to be threw a full-fledged stompy-footed tantrum, locking herself in my bathroom and refused to come out because the groom was “unreasonably insisting” on having a say in what the cake flavour was going to be.

Like, I’d say through the door, “Get out of my bathroom!” and all I’d get was a whiny defiant little “NoooOooooooOooooooooO!!!!!!”

She was about 22.”

12. Did you get that?

“I worked fine dining/catering for over 20 years so Iʻve worked lots of weddings and receptions.

I once heard a bride at the reception during the toasts say that she actually thought she was asking out the grooms twin brother on their first date and that might actually be cute except she …just kept going on.

How the twin was more compatible, etc. then she ended the toast with “well…as nice as you are youʻll make a great first husband”. I was walking past the camera man at that time and you can hear me on tape saying ” did you get that? Tell me you got that”.”

13. That was quick.

“I have a friend who is a wedding photographer – a rather busy and expensive one at that, so people usually book a year in advance.

So she had a bride book the wedding date and pay the deposit (nothing unusual there). The bride confirmed the venue (also booked and pricey), and had the general discussions with her about the style that she wanted etc.

They had regular meetings over the following months, but the groom was never there (a bit unusual, but not unheard of). So it’s now 4 weeks before the wedding and they have the meeting to lock down all the details, but still no groom. My friend asks about him, and the bride mentions for the first time that she isn’t engaged.

Okay, maybe she has a long term boyfriend and is planning a surprise wedding… No, it turns out that she doesn’t have a boyfriend or any guy in mind. But she prayed about it and god told her to trust that he will provide a groom for her…

So, in the end, no groom magically materialised, and there was no wedding.

So in that case, the marriage lasted 0 minutes and we were all sure that it wasn’t going to work out. In fact at the time we had some running jokes about her meeting a guy on a date and asking him if he wants to go to a wedding with her next weekend.”

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