It’s really kind of weird to observe who is good with technology and who is pretty terrible with it.

I see some people in their 20s and 30s who can only do the bare minimum and then I’ll notice that some folks in their 70s and even their 80s are wizards with an iPhone or an iPad.

I guess you just never know, huh…?

Well, the pictures you’re about to see today are definitely only from people who are FAILING in terms of technology. So let’s hope they get their acts together so their lives will become just a little bit easier, okay?

Let’s take a look at their technological shortcomings…

1. Sir, you must unwrap your computer.

Just trust me on this one…

Customer brought in this iMac for not powering on… this is how he apparently uses it.
byu/raptordrew intechsupportgore

2. Wow. This is a doozy.

We have a Code 9! It’s an emergency!

Xerox Fault Error 072-210
byu/DarrenCax intechsupportgore

3. Not the best with technology.

That might be an understatement.

My mom using a magnifying glass to see my phone better. Love her to death but she’s not the best with technology lol
by infunny

4. I hate to say it, but you blew it.

In a major way…sorry…

Spent 10 minutes looking for the drip tray for the Forman grill, after I turned it on.
byu/Kimritto inWellthatsucks

5. This is absolutely amazing.

I want to meet your mom!

My mom didn’t know how to take a screenshot so she improvised with the scanner…
byu/mcgray infunny

6. Time for a new computer.

That’s really not a good look.

Well, it is not a good idea to clean the screen of the Macbook with glass cleaner.
byu/xcstf inWellthatsucks

7. It was a blazing hot summer day…

That really doesn’t look good at all.

I stuck my Reese’s in the same back pocket that my phone was in so I could help a friend move a couch. I forgot about both of them until I got back from my drive home
byu/BirdPlan inWellthatsucks

8. You better get that cleaned up in a hurry.

The clock is ticking!

my favourite part of the day is spilling fish food in my keyboard in the middle of an online class that requires typing.
byu/gaya_ne inWellthatsucks

9. This is a major fail.

Watch out for hot surfaces!

I made a mistake.
byu/blamethejd inpics

10. Oh, Nana…you are so adorable.

You should have kept this joke going for a while longer.

My Nana asked me to fix her phone because “the outside clock is always showing the wrong time.”
byu/ImRachaelGreep infunny

How about you?

Do you tend to blow it sometimes when it comes to technology?

If so, tell us your humiliating stories in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!