Here comes the sugar rush!

And when you’re talking about kids, that’s not a good thing.

Check out this story and see if you think this parent went too far when it came to their son’s intake of sweets.

AITA for not wanting my son to have a cupcake at a birthday party?

“So some context. My son is 9, and though we do allow him to have sweets, we try to limit his intake of them and my wife and I have agreed on this.

Now to the birthday party. We are there, he is playing, had some lunch and is running around with the other kids while myself and the other adults are having conversations. I go to get a water and see him hunched over kinda hiding behind the table with all the food. I see him chewing something and come to find out he is eating cookies.

No big deal, he could have asked to have some, but he knew that his sweet for that day would have been the cake/cupcakes that were going to be served. So I told him that since he wanted to be sneaky and try to eat cookies without being caught, he would not get a cupcake.

Fast forward to them serving the cupcakes, and my wife sends him to go wash his hands. Once he leaves she says to me, ‘I think he should have one, its rude if he doesn’t’, implying it would be rude to the hosts. I respond with, ‘No, he knows the rules and he sneakily had cookies, so he doesn’t deserve one’.

Well, clearly she didn’t care and he ended up eating a cupcake, making me look like the bad parent/a**hole. I dont believe I was wrong in this situation, but I guess you all can be the judge of that.”

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