Hey, we’ve all done stupid things in our lives, right?

But HOW stupid is the question, friends.

Because I think we can all agree that there are some things you never, ever forget about.

Do you have an embarrassing story from your past that continues to haunt you?

Folks on AskReddit shared their stories.

1. Humiliating.

“I was starting out as a teacher in this English course and one day I had a bad diarrhea in the short break between two classes.

All of my colleagues were gathered in the teacher’s room, waiting for the next class to start. I entered the bathroom connected to the room to relief myself and as I was finished I was embarrassed of opening the door to the room and let everybody smell the reminiscent odor.

So I had the brilliant idea of opening the glass window of the bathroom, to let the wind circulate a little before opening the door. The window was stuck and as I forced it, it fell, breaking in a million pieces on the floor.

Everybody heard the noise and knocked on the door. I had to open it and they not only smelled the horrible diarrhea but also figured out my attempt to open the window to get rid of it lol.. it was so humiliating.”

2. A time to sing.

“My middle school did a program where a bunch of Japanese students came to visit our school for a couple weeks. I was assigned as a buddy to show someone around and stuff, and at the end of their visit here, they all took a trip to NYC.

Only a few of the American students came along, but I was among them. The Japanese teachers wanted to be inclusive, so they took the mic that the bus driver uses to make announcements and kind of like awkwardly interviewed each of us in broken English, though the students didnt seem all that interested.

When it was my turn, I got the typical “what do you like to do?” which I tried to shut down quickly with a simple “oh i’m in choir, I like to sing sometimes.”

“Oh, why don’t you sing for us!”

And suddenly, the mic is in my hand.

I really am not one for singing solos, especially in front of a BUS FULL of students who probably don’t know what the f**k is going on. I guess the teacher picked up on this, so she encouraged me to sing a Christmas song, because those are the only songs that the kids would be able to sing along to in English. So I’m thinking, ok, it won’t be too bad if they all join in right? So I start.

“rudoph the red nosed reindeer”


I painfully sing the ENTIRE SONG, acapella, completely solo, all eyes on me. Finally, the pain ends, and I crumble into my seat as awkward polite applause ensues. But this wasn’t enough for the teacher. She wanted this to be a participatory event. And she didn’t care who had to suffer in order to make that happen. So what does she do?

“Okay, try again, but this time everyone sing along!”

I pray for it to be a dream, but somehow, the mic is in my hand yet again, her expecting eyes upon me. At this point, all dignity is lost so I figure why not. Again, I start the song. And again, I sing it completely alone.

F**k my life.”

3. High five!

“I was at the airport one time and during the security check in, one of the TSA ppl stuck his hand out in front of me.

I proceeded to give him a high five thinkin he’s trying to be friendly only to realize that he meant for me to wait in line…”

4. Bummer.

“For my 18th birthday party my parents went all out made tons of food bought loads of booze and one person showed.


And my parents didn’t exactly have the money to go to waste on all of that. I felt terrible for them as well as for myself.”

5. Doh!

“One time when I was in college the showers on my male only dorm floor weren’t working so I had to walk down to two floors to shower, because each floor alternated between a boys and girls floor.

Well when I was done showering I walked back to my room and opened my door, only things didn’t look quite right. The beds were arranged differently, the decorations were different.

Then I looked to my right, and there’s a very shocked looking girl sitting in bed reading a book. I didn’t go up enough floors. I said “s**t, sorry” and closed the door and rushed back to my room. Never saw her again.”

6. Sad!

“My mom threw me a graduation party. She had the party in the community room of the local rescue squad and had a table full of food.

No one came. Most of the people she invited were fellow graduates so they had their own thing going on. We gave the food to the rescue squad people.

I mostly felt horrible for my mom. Just writing this story made me feel like s**t and it has been 25 years since this happened.”

7. It’s not what you think.

“Unbuckled my belt at the movies because I was uncomfortable.

Was with my girlfriend. Forgot it was unbuckled when I stood up, so while standing I buckled it. When I looked up an older couple was giving us bad looks.

I don’t remember what film it was, hoping it wasn’t some Pixar movie or something.”

8. Uh oh.

“Freezing up in the middle of a best man speech.

My brain just went completely blank.

I had never had a problem with stage fright before, so it caught me off guard and made it worse.”

9. Didn’t get the job.

“So I was interviewing for a job in the bio-industry early on in my career and it was a panel interview with about 10 people.

They asked me what would set me apart from other candidates, so I went into the normal spiel about being a fast learner and easily cross-training in multiple areas.

As soon as I said that one of the guys laughed and a few jaws dropped and I quickly realized that instead of saying cross-training, I said cross-dressing. What sets me apart from other candidates? Cross-dressing.

I did not get the job.”

10. No more skirts.

“I was taking a bus home from the beach years ago. When I got close to my stop, I walked to the front of the bus, so I would be ready too get off.

I was wearing a denim skirt that was a bit loose, but I had been wearing it all day without a problem. Well, the denim had gotten a little wet at the beach, which made it heavier, and it sort of stretched out a bit while I sat during this 2 hour bus ride.

So, as I’m standing in the front of this crowded bus, with my hands full of my belongings, I can feel my skirt begin to slide down. I didn’t have any hands free to grab it, and nothing to lean against to hold it up, so it fell all the way to the floor.

The passengers around me just stared as if they were in shock ( this was pre- everyone glued to their phone days) I stood there in my granny panties, wanting to cry, but I started laughing like a maniac instead.

I must have looked like a total nutjob. I stopped wearing skirts after that. Dresses are safer!”

11. Nice to meet you.

“I once tried to shake a random girls hand who was trying to hold the elevator door open for me.

Got called out on it by another girl who witnessed it and spent the rest of the elevator ride very embarrassed.”

Do you have any embarrassing moments from your past that still haunt you?

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