You definitely don’t hear stories like this one very often and that’s why we wanted to show you that there is still a lot of good in the world.

And sometimes it’s the people you least expect who lend a HUGE helping hand to those in need.

Which brings us to this story that an 18-year-old college student shared on Twitter. Her name is Zenia Kim and here’s how her story started.

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Here’s the message that Kim sent to Lynn Matheny after the professor had inquired about her whereabouts.

It turns out Kim had dropped out of George Washington University in D.C. to take care of other things in her life that needed to be addressed.

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Matheny wrote Kim back and said she was sorry to hear about the difficulties she was experiencing and also asked her for her Venmo information.

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Now, you might be thinking that the good professor was going to pass along a few bucks to help her out with groceries and bills and the like, but Matheny went way above and beyond the call of duty and sent Kim $1,000 so she could pay her rent.

And that’s totally amazing!

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Here’s how folks responded on Twitter.

This person said what we’re all thinking: what a sweet gesture.

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Another person said that the professor’s actions moved them to tears and restored their faith in humanity.

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And this individual said that it’s refreshing to realize that there are people out there who still actually care for each other. Amen!

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