It’s a sad fact of life but it’s true. There are tons and tons of kids out there who don’t have a father figure in their lives for one reason or another…or any good role models at all, really.

That’s why organizations such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and others like them do such important work, mentoring young kids who need some advice and direction in life.

And a man named Jake James thinks he can be a big help in that department.

James posted on Facebook advertising his services as a “Rent-a-Daddy” where people can hire him to spend time with their kids and their family.

Some folks seemed to think James might be joking about the idea, but one Instagram user said, “If you are serious about this it would be a fantastic idea. There are so many children that need a good role model to do things with, instead of sitting in front of a TV playing video games. Hope it all works out for you.”

That’s a good point.

Take a look at the ad that James put up on Facebook.

One unusual thing you might notice is that people DO have to pay for James’ services…and he does have a few things on there that make it seem like he’s being sarcastic, like “Facebook relationship status extra”…

I wonder if Mr. James is getting any offers…

This is such a great idea…if he’s legit.

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