Have you ever seen a ghost?

Or a monster in the woods?

Or had something so bizarre happen that you couldn’t explain it?

I love these kinds of stories, and I’m willing to bet that you probably do, too.

What’s the creepiest unexplained thing that ever happened to you?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. What’s happening?

“I live in a small mountain town and it takes 3 hours and 4 mountain passes to get to the nearest city.

Pre-Covid I made that drive 2-3 times a month, over a period of ten years. I pretty much had the curves and climbs committed to memory.

One night I’m making the drive at 2 am to catch an early flight. Cruising the curves and enjoying the lack of semi trucks. Left curve, right curve, know there’s a big sweeping curve to the left coming up when all of a sudden I’m driving on a straight road. I’m WELL aware there isn’t a straight section on that highway for another 30 miles.

So immediately I’m looking around trying to figure out where the hell I am. Not a single Highway sign on the side of the road. Smack myself a few times to make sure I hadn’t fallen asleep. Phone has no service, but that’s normal, so I can’t check my location.

Looking out the window I realize the high desert scrub trees have been replaced with a thick forest. Imagine your headlights pick up dark, heavy, can’t see 10 feet, forest that I would imagine in the Pacific Northwest. Something that we don’t have here.

I’m looking at the clock and for 15 minutes I’m driving on a straight road through this ominous dark forest when I should be on a curvy mountain pass in the desert. Right about the time I’m going to have a full on panic attack, that sweeping left curve appears and I’m out of the forest back in the scrub.

So I chalked it up to drowsy driving and an overreactive imagination until IT HAPPENED AGAIN! 2 years later, same spot except this time I’m not alone. I had my brother riding shotgun on a similar airport run, and all of a sudden I’m on the straight road.

That time it only lasted about 5 minutes before my brother looked around and asked “where the hell are we?”. Cue the sweeping left curve appearing and back in the desert.

Even though I can’t explain it, I’m at least grateful I had a witness.”

2. Are you a believer now?

“First let me say I don’t believe in ghosts or demons or anything like that…

My wife and I had just gotten married. We lived in a small, one bedroom apartment and I got up one night to take a leak and just had a creepy feeling while I’m standing in the bathroom.

Like the hairs on my neck were standing up. Anyway, I shake it off and go back to bed. The next morning my wife tells me she had a terrible dream about a demon that was watching her.

I didn’t tell her about my feeling because it would have scared the sh*t out of her. Still weirds me out a little.”

3. Weird!

“My family was sitting on the back porch watching a thunderstorm.

My older brother grabbed a toy gun out of my hand and said “Watch this.” He pointed the gun at a tree in the back yard and pulled the trigger. As the toy gun popped, lightning struck the tree he was aiming at and the tree fell over. He handed me the toy gun back with a smile and walked away.

My parents witnessed this event as well. It was one hell of a coincidence, but d*mn was his smile creepy. Like he knew it was going to happen.”

4. Eerie…

“A buddy picked me up to go to a couple bars, have a few drinks and what not. Everything was fine, I had a nice little drunk going on.

Around 11 pm, I went outside to smoke a stogie, then… boom I woke up at my house in my bed, the following morning. I don’t recall even leaving the bar, let alone how I returned home, I had multiple missed calls from my buddy. Called him up to see what happened, and he said I just disappeared.

The creepy part is, after got off the phone with him, I went to the restroom, to realize, some way, some how, during the time I went M.I.A. I had received a haircut and someone shaved my face…. hmm weird, I do my business, only to realize my wiggly bits had been groomed as well, with expertise precision.

I must add, not a missed hair, nick or cut. Still to this day don’t know what happened, but apon sharing this story with other friends, I was spotted at other bars though out the night, pre-hair cut, and alone.”

5. Chris.

“I was in Big Brothers Big Sisters as a kid. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a program where adults sign up to mentor kids one on one and offer them guidance.

I basically hung out with this random guy named Chris for a few hours a week. One day, he told me he was going on vacation and when to expect him back. That date rolled around and I didn’t hear from him so I decided to give him a call.

A voice I didn’t recognize answered the phone. I asked if Chris was home. The man said that there was nobody by that name there. I double checked that I had the right number and asked the guy if he was sure.

He was like “my wife and I have lived here for years and there has never been a Chris here” so I said sorry and hung up. I never heard from Chris again.”

6. In the woods.

“When I was very young, maybe 4 or 5, we had a particularly nasty snowstorm that wiped out power for days. We lived in New England, in the middle of farmland, so while our neighbors were within walking distance, it was a short hike to get to them.

I don’t recall exactly what lead to this, but my mother needed to visit one neighbor to lend them something while my father got the generator running. I wanted to go with her, so she put me on my snow sled and pulled me along that way. It was dark out, but when everything is covered in snow it sort of has this eerie blue glow to it.

My mother had a flashlight. We got to the neighbor’s house, she dropped off whatever it was they needed (maybe batteries or candles or something, I don’t remember), and then turned around to head home. It was only 1/4 mile or so, but it was through the woods.

When we hit the midpoint of the walk back, we both heard this horrifying howl/scream like something out of a monster movie. Best description I can give was in the movie Predator when the Predator cauterizes its wound and screams, which echoes through the forest. My mother picked me up out of the sled and ran home. We both described the sound to my father, who didn’t believe us.

A week later we found a bunch of dead deer that had been torn apart just 30′ into a wooded path near our house, and not by poachers/hunters. I’ve been around coyotes my whole life- they definitely didn’t do this either. Coyotes will pick apart their prey and run off with pieces. This was 4 or 5 full sized deer with large chunks missing and that’s it.

Our neighbor was a hunter, and we asked him about it too. He said he had heard some weird sounds but had no idea what it was either.”

7. Where is he now?

“I was in a car accident and really thought after I had hit my head I thought I was going to die. I KNEW I was going to die. I swear to God I remember seeing wings, possible angel wings. I was pulled out of my car by a mysterious man named Tom.

He had told the cops he was just a local bystander, I knew he was in the truck behind me. He stayed with me right after EMS and cops came. After I talked to police and was examined by EMTs I turned around to talk to and thank Tom but he was no longer there.

My question is where is Tom now? What does he do? I would love to sit down with him and just talk about it and how he saved my life.”

8. The stranger.

“It’s 3am and I’m in my front yard just smoking a joint chillin when out of the blue down the road I see a dude walking towards me.

In my neighborhood there’s a bunch of houses behind me but ahead is just construction. So now I’m thinking was this guy sleeping in these empty wooden houses? He passes by me and as he passes he mumbles something but I can’t really hear it good.

He also sounds concerned and as he walks on by I hear someone call my name behind me. I turn back and no ones there but when I look to see where the guy went he’s turned around and walking back toward me. Freaked the f*ck out I run inside and lock the door. I look out the window and I see the guy walking back and forth and eventually leave.

Then I heard a knock at the door. I looked and no one was there. Creepiest night in a long time.”

9. Weird stuff happens around here.

“Back in 2002, my whole family vacationed at a cabin site on Fair Lake, Michigan, near Kalamazoo.

I was only 1 year old, so I have no personal story, but of the 15 people with us over the course of the stay, almost every single one had some odd experience. I’ll begin with the rationalizable stories, then the ones I can’t explain.

Pretty much everyone says they constantly had a “bad energy feeling”, and felt like they were being watched.

The lights were constantly going out throughout the stay, and someone had to go in the basement to reset the breaker. I think this may be just poor wiring in the old cabin personally, but it was oddly frequent.

My aunt says she was sleeping when all of a sudden, a ghost was in front of her, punching her and yelling “get out”. My mom says she was pretty drunk that night though.

My grandpa was sleeping in the front parlor, when, around the early morning, he saw a “prism” floating outside near the lake. He went out to look but when he was outside, it wasn’t there. I wonder if it was just a sunlight reflection though.

My uncles, who were in their 20-30’s, had slept outside in a camper. One night, my uncle was sleeping until he was woken up by someone striking the camper from the outside. He called out “yeah, nice try”, but all my uncles woke up too and replied “it’s not us man, we hear it too”.

They say they all sat there for a few minutes until the pounding stopped. When I ask them today, none of them say they did it, but since everyone by this point was aware of the odd occurrences, one of them may have played a prank and banged on the camper.

My dad and uncle were inside talking late at night when a door suddenly slammed. My mom says there was no way wind could have made the door move, since it was an interior door and wasn’t windy. My dad doesn’t like to talk about this experience for some reason.

My mom was tucking me and my sister in for the night, and while she was leaving, heard a child laughter. She says the laughter came from another room and sounded nothing like us.

One night, my cousin locked my uncle’s keys in his truck. My uncle called a non-emergency number and a police officer came to get the car unlocked. While doing so, and nobody in the cop car, the police lights suddenly turned on. When my family asked about this, the officer responded, “yeah, weird stuff seems to happen around here.””

10. Premonition.

“When my grandfather was dying of cancer, he kept asking my father if me or my brother had a son yet. We were in our mid-late teens so the answer was hopefully no. He spoke to us all in a room and told us a story.

In the mid 30s his son fell and cracked his skull. He held him while his wife drove them to the hospital. On the way he said David opened his eyes and grabbed his arm and looked right at him. He said mom has cancer in her liver, it can be fixed but you have to tell the doctor when we get there.

David died in the car before the hospital and Granddad forgot about the warning till the funeral. Grandma went to the doctor, they found a tumor, removed half her liver and she survived. After a few years my father was born and then a pile of other kids, without that warning none of use would exist.”

11. Being watched.

“I’m a construction foreman and sometimes work late.

I was walking around a construction site one evening making a list of things that needed to be done the next morning. It was dark and I was the ONLY person there. the crew had left a few hours before and the entire construction site was fenced off.

While I was making my list, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I ignored it for a moment, and kept working. Then it sunk in: It was a f*cking person just staring at me from about 50 feet away.

As I turned my head this “person” slowly walked backwards out of my view towards the area where everyone parks. but it wasn’t a normal walk, almost seemed to float. Not really floating, but definitely not a normal walk with steps. So I hauled *ss outside to confront them and they were gone.

Not a soul in sight for miles. I couldn’t shake the feeling I was being watched the rest of the night.”

How about you?

Have you had any unexplained experiences that really scared you?

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