Have you ever been punched in the face?

Guess what?

It’s not like it is in the movies!

Not even close!

So it’s best to leave that stuff to the professionals if you know what I’m saying.

What’s not like it is in the movies?

Check out how AskReddit users answered that question.

Doesn’t work like that.

“How the patient came out of the coma, left the room to go find the person who wronged them or loved one WITHOUT alerting any nurse, doctor, or security….”


“How they talk on the phone.

You mean you don’t answer every call with just your last name and then hang up the moment the other person is done talking?”

All better now!

“Treating wounds.

If you get stabbed in the abdomen, you’re not all better just because someone stitches up your skin. Same with g**shots.

Movies act like nothing important is under the skin.”

That’s awesome.

“Air conditioning vents silently and easily being removed or put in.

The Spy Museum in DC has an air vent you can crawl through, to show you how ridiculous it is.

One of the loudest, most awkward, and uncomfortable modes of non vehicular travel ever.”


“Suppressors and hand grenades.

Suppressors (silencers) in movies are WAY too quiet, and sound like a staple gun going off. In reality, they make a gun quieter, but they very much still sound like a gun, and anyone around will still hear it.

Grenades in movies always make a giant explosion with a fireball, that makes bad-guys fly through a window or rag-doll across a field. In real life, they make a loud bang, and a puff of smoke. They just throw shrapnel everywhere and make people bleed profusely.”

Found out the hard way.

“Carrying an unconscious person. Found out the hard way when my wife was sick and fainted.

An unconscious body is surprisingly limp and slippery.

Try to lift them by the armpits? Nope, that just makes the arms flail and they’ll slip right through your fingers.

Try to lift them from under the knees and around the back? Nope, their back won’t stay stiff enough and their a** will just sink to the floor.

Not to mention their head is rolling around the whole time.”

Do they really get it?

“Working in an office.

I really question whether a screenwriter or director has worked a regular 9-5 office job a day in their lives.”

Scary stuff.

“Car accidents.

People don’t just lightly bleed from their heads then d**, they are some of the goriest, most traumatic d**ths I’ve seen outside of combat footage.”

Don’t try it!

“Going through glass. That s**t is dangerous as f**k.

Potential major lacerations every time.

Speaking from my experience as well as two other people.


“How younger people talk.

Every time there is a teenager or young adult in a movie, it always sounds like what a 40 year old person thinks a teenager sounds like.

They think watching 5 TikToks is enough research.”

It’s right over there!

“Traveling around NYC.

In the movies, they make it seem like to get from Times Square to the Brooklyn Bridge, you just walk around the corner.

Meanwhile, it takes more like a half hour.”

Sorry, Mom.

“Breakfast in America, the mom makes a big spread with pancakes, bacon and eggs all that stuff.

Just for someone to pick up a slice of toast and rush off.

I’d be super p**sed.”

Not realistic.

“Basically, everything about g**s.

Drywall and furniture don’t stop bullets. Reloading is a thing.

Please stop cocking your weapon to look cool, half of your rounds are on the ground.

And so many more…”

Head injuries.

“Getting hit in the head.

No you won’t wake up with a minor headache 10 minutes later, you’ll wake up a decade later with a wheelchair.”

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