Have you ever had a friend, an acquaintance, or a co-worker that just lied for no reason?

Like, all the time?

We all have!

And, while it can be hilarious, it can also be weird and mystifying…and kinda dumb.

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about the dumbest lies they’ve ever heard.


“My daughter spray painted my son’s name on the side of my house.

When asked about it, she claimed he did it himself, even though his name was horribly misspelled.

Little s**t.”

That’s amazing.

“Many many years ago I worked as a nightclub bouncer.

I carded a young looking guy, and he handed me my driver’s license that I had lost 3 months earlier.”


“Kid in my sophomore (10th grade) class spread a rumor one afternoon that there were three bombs at our (rural) high school.

One in the principal’s office, one in the library (middle of the school), and one out in the area where the buses were located. The bombs were supposed to go off around 1 pm.

Not sure if he was ever investigated (or how far the rumor spread), but aside from freaking some of us out, nothing actually happened. This was pre-Columbine, which is probably why it didn’t end up with an arrest.”

That poor woman.

“My coworker kept calling out for her grandmother’s funeral. She did it six times, to six different supervisors.

She tried a seventh time but Grandma had been shopping that morning and was already seen by my supervisor. I was like girl that is bad karma don’t do that!”

Not buying it.

“In second grade (1990, during the Gulf War), Aldo said Saddam Hussein dropped a bomb in his front yard and if we went to his house after school we could see the crater.

There was no crater.

And we lived in New Jersey.”


“A girl in my class told me and the class that she had the same genetic defect as me.

I am completely deaf in both ears and miraculously she can hear just fine without any aids.”

Oh, boy…

“Ahem. I’m an ER nurse.

“I fell on it” or any variation thereof. No, kind soul, no you did not fall on the sharpie/toy octopus/s** toy without a flared base/vegetable/billiard ball…

But nice try!”

It can be fixed.

“In 1st grade this girl tried to tell me she was born with her eyes on the back of her head and she had to take medicine that made them migrate around to the front where they belong.”

Kinda sad.

“Years ago I had a work friend who told me his parents were rich and they lived in a three story mansion.

One day he needed a ride home, so I gave him one and he had me drop him off at a trailer park, he tried to say they owned it (plausible) and that their mansion was way in the back of the park (not very likely).

Either way I didn’t care where he lived, there was no reason to lie.”

Close call.

“Once I was smoking weed in my room as a teenager and didn’t realize my dad was home.

He asked me what that smell was and I told him I was burning incense.

He was a cop, he knew what it was and I knew he knew what it was but he just said “okay” and let it go.”

Weird kid.

“15 year old dude in high school said he was in the Junior Marines and had already gone out on missions, k**led people and blown s**t up.

Always had this thousand yard stare like he’d watched a man sit on a landmine.”

What’s the dumbest lie you’ve ever heard?

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