I’d never begrudge anyone who works for a living, BUT there is a person at my local grocery store and their whole job is to stand next to the self-checkout computers…just in case…

And it seems kind of useless to me!

But that’s just my opinion!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the jobs they think are pretty useless.


“Used to know a lady in Nevada who was a pet medium.

She would typically charge folks about $150-$200 per hour and would be the “medium” between the people and their deceased pets.

Now before you call her a terrible person for taking advantage of folks during a tragic loss in their life, I’ll mention that I listened in on a couple of her phone calls and she was essentially being a grief counselor for these people.”

Can I help you?

“Bathroom attendants.

I never saw this until I was visiting Ireland a few years back, and man, was it fu**ing annoying.

It’s bad enough there’s a guy standing at the sinks watching you have a leak, but then he wants a euro or two for handing you a towel to dry your hands.”


“Car dealerships. Just let me buy a car from the factory.

Your job is to get me to pay as much as possible. So useless and so annoying.”

Pretty convincing.

“I’m not saying all project managers are useless, but holy s**t some of you make a compelling case.”

Making money.

“While it’s a billion dollar industry, health insurance.

Literally the exist to prevent you from cashing out on what you paid into.

They have little to no medical knowledge, make everything more expensive, and exist solely as a useless middleman to make themselves rich.”

Sounds horrible.

“As a Security Guard, Security Guards.

We’re basically paid peer pressure and witnesses to a crime.”

Pass it on.

“Most middle management positions.

Their job is literally to take bullshit from above and send it below, and to have someone to shift blame to.

There are often multiple levels through which the bullshit must pass, as well.”

The best and the brightest?


The job itself it important, but the individuals working at every airport are usually lazy s**theads.”

I’ll show you the way!

“Modern online business coaches

Dude, every bit of what they “teach” can be found on the internet for free.”

Just being honest.

“Mine feels pretty useless.

I’m an assistant director at a community college’s activity center.

My job is 90% doing practically nothing in the office, and 10% managing the concession stand during ball games. The office part is so boring, after having been an administrative assistant in an actual, busy academic office.

I hate the concession stand crap, too. It’s not “boring” in that it’s very busy. But I have 0 sense of accomplishment. Like, I sell burgers for basketball games. I don’t give a f**k about either of those things. Sports are dumb.

I wish I could go back to the administrative assistant job, but keep the assistant director pay. I’d rather be busy all the time, than bored and unfulfilled.”

See you later.

“Fine Jewelry. The whole industry.

People dig diamonds out of the ground, cut them, make rings, and sell them.

And if the entire business just vanished tomorrow, so what?”

What jobs do you think are useless?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a million!