Coming up with a clever boat name is like writing a good joke or a hilarious tweet.

It’s like a work of art.

You need to nail it perfectly because that thing is gonna be emblazoned on the side of your watercraft for all the world to see.

And you don’t want to look stupid on the high seas, do you?

Of course, you don’t!

So let’s look at these boat names and maybe they’ll give you a few ideas about what to name your baby.

1. Hey, that’s not very nice!

Don’t bring my mother into this!


2. Get some therapy.

Out on the high seas.


3. You knotty, knotty girl.

I see what you did there!


4. Last night I got totally ship faced.

I swear, it won’t happen again!


5. Are you sure about that?

Doesn’t look very good.


6. More nauti-ness out there.

This is getting inappropriate.


7. Could go either way…

Let’s hope we see “No Problem” most of the time.


8. Works on multiple levels.

Stir it up!


9. This is pretty classy.

Do you think women actually get onboard here?


10. This is pretty brilliant!

Have a drink on me!


11. You showed him!

Or maybe he found a new way to humiliate you?


12. I love this one!

I told you this was an art form. Do you believe me now?


Those are a real hoot!

And now we want to hear from you!

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